Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere: Randy Dworkin returns (video)

Randy DworkinIf you wanted some evidence that Law & Order: SVU season 19 was going to be top-notch, know this: Randy Dworkin is coming on board.

In the sneak peek below courtesy of NBC, you can see the infamous Law & Order character (and Jack McCoy adversary) working as the attorney for accused rapist Byron Marks. It only makes a moment or two before we’re reminded of just how entertaining Dworkin as a character can be given all of the dancing around he does in here when it comes to semantics. He tries to become very much fixated on “The People” part of “The People of the State of the New York vs. Marks.” He’s trying to create a quick narrative, one in which he feels like the odds are stacked against his client and that it’s impossible for him to ever receive a fair trial. This is likely going to be the jumping-off point for what are a serious of contentious arguments that he makes over the course of this case in regards to a few different things, including how his client ended up back in New York in the first place.

If you haven’t seen some of the promotional material that is out there about the premiere in advance, then you should know that Marks finds himself in New York after Fin paid him a personal visit in Cuba, removing him from that situation in order to ensure that he was put on trial back in the States. Fin’s actions, while understandable, will create a legal minefield for Barba and his team as they attempt to get a guilty verdict. They’re running up against someone who is ready and willing to declare this a manhunt, and state over and over again that his client was targeted and treated unfairly by law enforcement.

Maybe there are some other angles that Dworkin could take that we cannot even predict based on this preview; what we know at the moment is that this is a slimy character, and someone who will likely do anything to ensure that he wins the case.

Beyond this sneak peek

Expect to see an all-hands-on-deck episode where the entirety of the team works to ensure that they get the desired result in this case. They know what the stakes are here, just as they are also very well aware of what happens in the event that they don’t pin Marks down. While every case matters, they’re aware that this one is especially going to be under the microscope for a wide array of different reasons.

This episode is only a matter of a day away now, and we at CarterMatt are going to have so much more in the way of coverage soon! If you head over to the link here, you can also see a sneak peek that is all about Rollins, Carisi, and their role in the episode.

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