Kevin Can Wait season 2: The mystery of Erinn Hayes’ Donna & her death

Erinn Hayes' Donna dieThe Kevin Can Wait season 2 premiere on CBS was really all about one question: Why kill off Erinn Hayes’ Donna? The show made a controversial decision writing the character out, citing creative changes at the biggest reason for that. Leah Remini is now a regular, and while we love her from The King of Queens, there were still so many questions about whether or not the show would handle the transition the right way. The last thing that they want to do is anger some of Hayes’ fans to the point that they really don’t want to watch if they were giving the show a chance tonight.

In the early moments of the episode, we knew that Donna was gone, but the show was really taking its time when it comes to announcing what happened. Instead, we had stories about immigration and/or what it meant to be one of the members of the Gable family.. Wait … isn’t it the Gable way to talk about things that happened?

Basically, if there is one word we’d use to describe the entire first episode, it’s in one word: Repressed. The show decided that if it moved forward enough time, it could pretend as though what happened was far in the distance. There was no actual explanation for what happened, and that was definitely frustrating … but also far from the only frustrating that about what happened.

While we understand that Kevin Can Wait is a comedy, didn’t they owe their viewers more? Why don’t they want to allow some of their fans to have a little more closure? While we understand if you want to mix things up creatively, at the same time you walk a thin line anytime you roll the dice on this sort of thing. You’re running the risk of alienating some of your core group in the first place, but do you want to do anything to anger them even more? It’s risky. Nonetheless, we’ll see what some of the ratings come out to be tomorrow, and we’ll go from there in order to figure out in one way or another if this is the right move for the show as the season, and the ratings, progress. For now, “risky” seems like the kind way to describe it. “Frustrating” may be the more accurate one.

What did you think about the Kevin Can Wait season 2 premiere, especially when it comes to the subject of Erinn Hayes’ Donna? Share now in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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