The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiere review: Is Bernadette pregnant, and is Sheldon engaged?

The Big Bang Theory season 11 premiereThe opening minutes of The Big Bang Theory season 11 wasted little to no time answering the big cliffhanger question: Whether or not Sheldon and Amy are engaged. Even though she found out the truth about Ramona Nowitzki in the opening minutes, that didn’t stop her from saying yes.

However, over the episode it was clear that there were some other issues at play, including another surprise: Howard and Bernadette are having another baby! She learned the truth in the process of Sheldon and Amy making the rounds on their engagement. In real life, we know that Melissa Rauch is expecting so it isn’t that big of a shock that they wanted to incorporate it into the show, but for these characters this reveal was definitely a shock. Howard spent most of last season trying to find a way to make more money for his family, and he may need to do that again! A new baby will be worth it, but there will be some struggles that likely come with it. Howard’s reaction was that he was thinking more about the struggles than the benefits of having a larger family.

Where things got a little strange — and hilarious — was Howard and Bernadette suggesting that Leonard and Penny join them in having a kid. They didn’t want to do that for the sake of sympathy, but maybe this does get the conversation going.

For Sheldon and Amy, over the course of the episode we saw some of their own struggles become clear. They were happy, but Amy was clearly getting irritated with how Sheldon was telling the story — he kept referencing the fact that Ramona kissed him before he decided to ask the question, and that was irritating. Then, he also proved to be a major source of frustration at a dinner with her work colleagues, mostly because he put down Amy’s career and talked constantly about himself. This was their first public appearance as an engaged couple, and it blew up in his face. No surprise there; the reality is that Sheldon does have some growing to do especially in a relationship. Maybe this is a warning sign for him to shape up? He did that in the closing minutes, making it clear that he needs to allow her to have a moment or two in the spotlight.

Here’s the biggest surprise of the night, even more than the engagement or the pregnancy — Amy thanking Ramona in the closing minutes after returning to California three months later. She wasn’t so annoyed at her at that point since she did end up with Sheldon.

Our CarterMatt verdict

The Big Bang Theory season 11 episode 1 proved to be entertaining, and there were some good laughs — mostly courtesy of Raj, who tried to find the proper engagement gift and bond with Stuart over their shared aloneness … only to learn that Stuart actually had a date on the night.

Also, Stephen Hawking was a worthy cameo for the premiere. He made an appearance at first as Sheldon asked for his blessing, and he then turned to him as a source of advice.

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