Supernatural season 13 premiere wishlist: The Misha Collins mystery; Winchester ‘parenting’

Supernatural season 13 premiere photoWhat’s on our Supernatural season 13 premiere wishlist? Given the way that season 12 concluded, you can argue quite a bit!

There’s a part of us at CarterMatt that wants to call the new season the beginning of a new era, given that Crowley is gone, Castiel seems to be gone, and Sam and Dean Winchester have new issues at hand including taking Lucifer’s son Jack (Alexander Calvert) under their wing. Trying to unravel everything from last season will prove to be no easy task.

Before we go any further, the one thing that we should note here is that this is what we’d like to see in the premiere; it’s not necessarily going to be what actually happens.

1. Show Sam and Dean’s “parenting” style – Even though Jack will be a grown adult, it’s up to the Winchesters to teach him the ways of the world. While there is an element of seriousness to the story given the stakes at hand, there’s also potential for tremendous comedy. We don’t want that to change since Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles’ characters probably will have differing takes on how to handle this.

2. Mourn Crowley – Maybe we’re not saying in the form of a funeral, but we do think it’s important for the writers to take a moment and recognize the character’s absence and the void he leaves behind. This is not some character who meant nothing to the franchise, and he deserves an opportunity to be “celebrated” in whatever way the show decides to do that.

3. What’s the larger story going to be this season? – Beyond just Jack, it would be nice to get a few teases as to where we are going.

4. Unlocking the Misha Collins mystery – We don’t necessarily want Misha to appear alongside Sam and Dean in the episode, given that there does need to be some time in which the brothers think that he is gone. Yet, we do think it’d be interesting for the audience in this case to have more knowledge of where Castiel is (provided that Misha is even playing this character anymore) while the Winchesters are off doing other things.

5. What’s happening now with Mary? – The official synopsis for the episode notes that “Mary (Samantha Smith) must learn to survive Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) and an apocalyptic world.” This sounds incredibly dark, and we hope that there is some lightness mixed in there somewhere. We don’t want the premiere episode to be overly depressing for the character in any way.

Now, your take on the Supernatural season 13 premiere?

What is it that you want to see, and do you think that the show is set up for one of its best seasons in years? Let us know in the comments below!

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