Young Sheldon episode 2 return date: Big Bang Theory prequel on a break

Young Sheldon episode 2 return dateWant to know the Young Sheldon episode 2 return date following tonight’s series premiere? We’ve got that here at CarterMatt … though the news is far from great if you really enjoyed what the premiere brought to the table and are ready to dive into more.

If you loved the Big Bang Theory prequel, unfortunately CBS is making you wait (for whatever reason) until we get to November 2 (Thursday) to get to see more of the show. It’s a bit of a baffling decision to hold off on the remainder of the first season, especially since you’ve got the perfect lead-in with the flagship show the next several weeks on Mondays. CBS is going to use this time-slot instead to launch 9JKL on Mondays until The Big Bang Theory moves back to Thursdays for the November 2 episode, thinking that the ratings for 9JKL will benefit heavily as a result of it … whether or not it does remains to be seen. This is a pretty common strategy for CBS to try and sample as many different comedies after The Big Bang Theory as they can, and it makes a certain degree of sense to try and help their other brands.

Still, having to wait more than a month for Young Sheldon episode 2 is still a little maddening. We just hope that the people out there who watch and enjoy the premiere (it has a really special charm to it) will remember to come back for the next episode in November. Also, we hope that CBS does the necessarily legwork in order to promote the show, given that this is going to be needed in the event that they want people to come back. The franchise name alone cannot carry this show.

As for what we know about what’s coming up, be prepared to see more of Sheldon’s family — including Meemaw, and maybe some more events that have been referenced over the course of the flagship show’s run. Jim Parsons will be around as the narrator, and we imagine that we’ll see the series dip into nostalgia in a way that is very much unique to Sheldon’s life. This isn’t The Goldbergs, a show that really celebrates its era in almost every way that it can. After all, you have to remember here that Young Sheldon features a title character very detached from his surroundings. We’re going to be curious to see what the Iain Armitage version of Sheldon does to react to the pop-culture happenings around him as opposed to what Parsons iteration does in the present.

What do you think about the Young Sheldon episode 2 return date?

Did the producers of the show make the wrong decision separating the premiere and the second episode? Be sure to share in the comments below! Meanwhile, check out this link if you missed our exclusive CarterMatt interview with Lance Barber about playing Sheldon’s father George. You can also get more Young Sheldon news via our official Facebook Page, so be sure to check that out. (Photo: CBS.)

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