Ink Master season 9 finale video: Old Town Ink, Black Cobra Tattoo, Basilica Tattoo size each other up

Ink Master season 9 finale videoThe Ink Master season 9 finale is coming to Spike on Tuesday night, and we’ve got one last preview featuring the final three shops!

Below, you can see Old Town Ink, Basilica Tattoo, and Black Cobra Tattoo all sharing why they want to be here, what they bring to the table, and why each one of the teams think that they will beat the others out. We do think that there’s an interesting argument to be made for each one of them when it comes to the storylines that Spike has presented to us over the course of the season.

Basilica Tattoo – Christian Buckingham may very well be one of the most entertaining tattoo artists to ever be on the show. From the vantage point of rewarding someone for being a great character (as well as a great tattooer), a win here for the franchise would make some sense. He and Noelin Wheeler are technically sound when it comes to their work, and they compliment each other well in how they have very different skill sets. Noelin may be the quietest contestant to ever make it to one of these finales, making him the opposite of Christian yet again, but we really quite like that about him.

Old Town Ink – The argument for Bubba Irwin and DJ Tambe starts with the fact that they’ve been around in this competition far longer this season than either one of the other shops. The other two teams didn’t get a chance to see the entertainment masterpiece that was Made Rich, or the shocking exit of Black Anchor early this season. (The judges, in a separate video, labeled that one of the most unexpected moments of the entire season.) Meanwhile, we also feel like for Bubba this would be a nice bit of validation after spending most of the season getting ridiculed by some of the other artists for being “carried” by DJ. Personally, we think Bubba has the greatest tattoo redemption story since he didn’t do that well the first season he was on the show, but has clearly worked hard to not only perfect the styles he knows, but also to study and learn styles he didn’t know. We love an underdog story, so a Bubba and DJ win would be great Ink Master television.

Black Cobra Tattoo – In terms of technical ability Matt O’Baugh and Katie McGowan are two of the best artists in the history of this show, and they’ve performed very well ever since they turned up in the competition. Winning for them would be a great validation given that they are the only remaining shop with two veterans of the show. Regardless of how some of the viewers have treated them ever since they narrowly stayed in the competition over Cleen Rock One and Aaron Is (YouTube comments threads have taken things WAY TOO FAR), no one can say that their tattoo abilities aren’t finale material. Matt became a favorite here at CarterMatt after we watched him during his first season be the only tattoo artist to actually sit down with his client and show them how to draw a treasure chest to have tattooed on their loved one. Matt and Katie are not only great tattoo artists, but we feel how much they care about what they are doing.

Personally, we don’t think there is a bad winner in the bunch this year, but we’re sticking with Old Town Ink as the likely winners given the growth they’ve had as a shop this season plus the quality of work and the time the producers have taken in order to build up their story.

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