Vice Principals season 2 episode 2 review: Gamby’s paranoia; Russell’s revenge

Vice Principals season 2 episode 2One of the odd things about Vice Principals season 2 episode 2 is basically the same thing that is odd about most of the show’s stories — you never know what you’re getting.

Tonight, you basically had a story that was one part murder mystery, and another part watching two grown men losing their mind. For Lee Russell, he did this mostly as a result of him realizing that being the principal was very much different from what he thought it would be. His initial thinking was that this profession would give him love and respect; however, what happened instead in that he was a subject of mockery. Nobody wanted to listen to him, and instead found that he was ridiculed for many silly reasons.

This led to one of the night’s strangest scenes, when Lee turned his offer of free sushi around on the teachers as he flung the disgusting stuff all over him when they didn’t take him up on his offer. Then, he drug them all out to the middle of the woods, fired them, and took all of their stuff away from them. Then, he poured gasoline on the ID badges and set them on fire. We have zero idea how any of this is going to stick with the district in mind, but this is Lee’s M.O. — being a complete psychopath. As of right now, Amanda Snodgrass is the only main teacher in the clear.

Then, there was the story of Neal Gamby, whose desperation to find out the truth about his assailant led him to dark corners; unfortunately, these said dark corners included targeting various students and/or making sure that law enforcement took notice … not that they really cared.

Overall, Vice Principals remains weird — one of the weirdest shows on TV, in fact. When it’s funny, it’s uproarious. When it’s strange, it’s just that. Regardless of how weird or dark it gets, we do still love watching it more than most comedies on TV. It keeps you on your toes in a way that few other shows do. At the end of the episode Lee found himself celebrating the destruction of the school that he now ran, and Neal simply found himself more confused. He realized that he made a mistake with his primary suspect, and at the end of the episode, he apologized. This is the real difference between Neal and Lee — we do think that Gamby actually does want to be a good person somewhere in his heart. He just hides most of it in a layer of bombastic nonsense.

Meanwhile, Lee just wants, to quote a famous movie, watch the world burn. After tonight, it feels like his mission was close to accomplished. This was a good episode, but also not our favorite just because we do like some of Vice Principals more when the humor is lighthearted.

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