The Walking Dead season 8 spoilers: Rosita’s recovery to take some time

Walking Dead season 8There are several different things to look forward to on The Walking Dead season 8, with Rosita’s recovery being one of them. She found herself in pretty terrible shape at the end of this past season; while she didn’t die, it definitely doesn’t seem as though she is battle-ready to get back out there and start causing problems for Negan and his crew.

While it’d be great to see more of the character in the early going of season 8, it does look as though Christian Serratos could be missing in action. Per Entertainment Weekly, her pregnancy changed some of her plans for pickup shots early on in production, but there are certainly plans to use the character down the road and there could still be creative ways in which you will see her early on. Here is some of what executive producer Scott M. Gimple had to say on that subject:

“There will be a notable sort of Rosita-lessness early on … She did get shot at the end of the season, so she was recovering from that, but she’s back and she got back actually pretty soon, and she’s terrific. So, timing-wise, we missed Espinosa a little bit, but she was healing up from her wounds at the hands of the Saviors.”

One of the other reasons why Rosita’s recovery may end up working out much better than anyone thought is the simple reason of the immense size of the cast. There are a TON of people that The Walking Dead has to attend to every season, and of course we’re going to see episodes without certain characters anyway. Early on in the season we imagine that we’ll get the impetus on several other characters in the cast, with this leading to a big Rosita episode down the road in the second half of the season.

In general, though, we’re not all that sure just how many different individual character episodes that there will be in The Walking Dead season 8, largely because of the fact that there is so much happening now with Negan and the All-Out War. We figure that this is going to be the most chaotic season of the show yet, and it really needs to be in order to live up to that billing. Otherwise, you’re getting an occasional battle and then a whole lot of buildup. Not quite sure that matches up with the way that the show has been hyped up so far.

Beyond of course Rosita’s story, there are a few other characters we hope will get some substantial screen time moving into the season — Tara, Eugene, and Simon, even if the allegiances for some of them may not be on the same side as the rest of the group.

What do you want to see from Rosita on The Walking Dead season 8?

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