The Blacklist season 5 premiere wishlist: Hopes for Reddington, Liz, Aram, and more

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor everyone excited to see The Blacklist season 5 premiere Wednesday, hopefully we can give you more to be excited about! This episode marks a new era for the show, given that Reddington’s apparent parentage is now out there. Not only that, but we’ve got more of a sense of what his relationship with Liz will be like … provided of course that he can figure out a way to keep the contents of that suitcase at bay.

In this edition of our month-long CarterMatt Wishlist series, our main goal here is fairly simple: To give you a sense of everything that you could see, and everything that we personally want to see as the story kicks off once more.

1. A sense of fun – While the Mr. Kaplan run at the end of season 4 was one of the best arcs that the show has delivered in a rather long time, the fact here still remains that it was one of the darker stories we’ve seen the NBC show deliver over the years. We do want to see things lighten up a little bit when it comes to the story, and for James Spader and Megan Boone to have some comedy with some of the burden off of them.

2. Reddington down on his luck – We hope that everything isn’t just peachy-keen by the end of the premiere. Things should take some time to stabilize, and we honestly don’t want to see him back in Reddington Prime mode with his full operation right away.

3. A good Blacklister – Part of the strength of this show is the recurring villains we get to see time and time again. At this point in the show’s run, we don’t want to see that changing. You need someone interesting and entertaining in order to kick things off.

4. Tom’s moral dilemma – We know that he has the suitcase, but what does he do with it? We hope that the show makes an interesting, complicated meal out of this situation, one where the character realizes that Liz is happy with her newly-discovered relationship with her father. He may have the power to change it, but does he really want to?

5. Aram and Samar – At the end of the season, signs pointed to these two characters being together. In the premiere episode, we want even just the smallest tease of what that could look like. The more that you hand over, the better off we’re going to be as a viewer since we figure that their relationship could be a tremendous source of fun during season 5 and another nice way to mix things up.

One way or another, we’ve got faith that the Blacklist season 5 premiere is going to deliver — all of the previews out there so far offer some hope.

What’s on your The Blacklist season 5 premiere wishlist?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below! Also, be sure to come back tomorrow for our exclusive interview with showrunner Jon Bokenkamp.

(Photo: NBC.)

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