Why CBS should grant Star Trek: Discovery season 2 renewal early

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 renewalIs it too soon to begin discussion on a Star Trek: Discovery season 2? For several reasons, we don’t quite think so.

For one, we do think that after all of the turmoil that CBS/CBS All Access went through in order to make this show happen, it could benefit heavily from a nudge in the right direction. Science fiction fans are at this point a nervous bunch when it comes to getting invested into things. They’ve been heartbroken so many times before by networks who think in terms of greed or high ratings, and many of them don’t give shows a chance. Others air shows for a few seasons, and then don’t give them any proper opportunity in order to tie up loose ends. (We’re obviously still bitter over the cancellation of Dark Matter over at Syfy following an enormous cliffhanger.)

Star Trek: Discovery season 2 renewal would be early credibility that CBS believes in the show, and it’s worth getting people to spend their money for on the All Access platform. It’s already a hard enough sell convincing Trekkers to pay for what is effectively one show plus an After Trek aftershow, even if the asking price is less for the commercial plan than Netflix, Hulu, or many of the other competitors. This is the same struggle that The Good Fight went through earlier this year. CBS All Access needs more content, but in order to get that, it needs to have some programming that it can use to get its foot in the door. Star Trek: Discovery can be that show, and we just hope now that CBS looks at that and makes the commitment early. The faster they do that, and the more that they ensure that their audience wants to stick around.

For the sake of the series itself, Star Trek shows often do tend to get better as they go along. The cast develops more chemistry with each other, and with more chemistry obviously comes better stories since you know who to write for and which character combinations work well.

The unfortunate news regarding Star Trek: Discovery revolves around how its ratings are measured. Beyond the linear on-network premiere tonight, CBS All Access does not disclose viewership or subscriber counts. Therefore, finding out the total audience of the show should prove challenging. The only thing that any of us will have to go on as evidence is the impact of the show on social media and in pop culture. Provided that the writers maintain the themes that make Star Trek great and cultivate stories based on their imagination, we’ll say that it has a good shot of renewal in the end.

Do you think that a Star Trek: Discovery season 2 renewal will happen?

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