Ballers season 4 premiere date speculation for Dwayne Johnson, cast

Ballers season 4 premiere dateWant to get some of the earliest Ballers season 4 premiere date speculation? Well, that’s what the focus of this article is all about!

Let’s kick off here, of course, with what is once again some very-good news that you’re going to be getting a Ballers season 4 later this year. That was already announced by HBO, which shouldn’t come as much of a shock when you consider the Dwayne Johnson show’s pretty fantastic ratings. We’re seeing the series average almost 2 million viewers for the third season, which is an increase of almost 69% versus where it was during the second season. There is clearly a big reason for this in Game of Thrones Ballers season 3 drew as many as 2.85 million viewers when it was airing right after the fantasy epic, but since the Game of Thrones finale Ballers has seen its viewership decline and decline fast. The most-recent episode of the show had around 930,000 viewers, which is less than a third of where it was when it had the lead-in chock full of fire and ice. These ratings at the end of the third season are a little bit closer to the overall season 2 average, so rest assured that even if Game of Thrones wasn’t around, Ballers would be okay — it just wouldn’t be the runaway hit that it appears to be right now when you’re looking at the cumulative season 3 performance.

Given that the first three seasons all aired during the summer, it feels fair to speculate that the Ballers season 4 premiere date will also be around this time of year, as well. You don’t want to air it too deep into fall so that you’re competing against meaningful NFL games; meanwhile, you want to also keep the show on the air around the time in which viewers expect it. While there are some shows that are so noteworthy (see the aforementioned Game of Thrones) where you are going to get viewership regardless of when you are, we’re not sure that this is the case with Ballers since it’s never aired outside of the summer before.

As for whether or not Ballers season 4 could be the last one for the series, that’s really up to Johnson and the writers at this point. Given his film career we do foresee him ending this show whenever he chooses to do so; hopefully, he enjoys it enough to keep coming back for a while. One of the good things about doing Ballers is that it only films for a few months out of the year, so there are plenty of opportunities for the cast and crew to go off, do other projects, and then find their way back to it down the road. We just hope that this pattern continues for a few more years and we see the show make it to at least a season 6. (That may be overly optimistic, but why not?)

When do you want the Ballers season 4 premiere date to be on HBO?

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