Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers spotlight: Will Ashely Nolan sink or swim?

Ashley NolanAshley Nolan is one of the Heroes on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlersand that makes since given that she spends her days trying to save lives at the beach. She’s a lifeguard, is fairly relaxed in terms of her demeanor, and seems to be out on the show for the experience as much as anything. After being in the hot, humid, Florida weather, maybe she’s a little more equipped for some of these conditions than most?

Below, we’re going to do our part today to figure out if she’s a contender to win the money, or someone more destined for the jury or pre-merge.

Age – 26.

Location – Satellite Beach, Florida. It’s a small town on the east coast of the state, of course right on the beach..

Bio – As mentioned, she’s a lifeguard, and what’s interesting is that she’s someone who was working a different job and decided to take on the gig just because she needed the change. She loves it, and this has turned out to be the perfect job for her passion and personality. Her family has watched the show for ages, and she is a risk-taker who likes new adventures and opportunities.

Past Survivor comparison – Her comparison to Richard Hatch seems mostly based on the fact that he’s a winner — we foresee her more as a Jenn Brown or a Fabio, one of these off-beat players who can come across as easygoing but also have a tougher side and can be strategic if need be. She’d probably be perfect for the No Collar tribe on Survivor: Worlds Apart.

Strengths – We don’t see her ever being a liability in challenges, and she knows the outdoors enough to be useful around camp. Odds are Ashley will be a good ally in that she doesn’t seem overtly untrustworthy and wants to build a strong camp and a great environment for people to win. She wants to win, but we feel like she wants to do so in an inspiring way and people will gravitate towards that.

Weaknesses – She doesn’t give off the feel of being an overtly strategic person; if she gets on the outside of the numbers with no immunity idol, we’re not altogether sure that she is going to find her way back out of the situation. She’s tough, but she may not be cutthroat within this game and stab people in the back left and right.

Pre-show prediction – Ashley is the sort of player who could easy make the jury and be a key contributor in an alliance. We also could see her as a finalist and someone who comes out of the game pretty well-liked. It’s just hard to see her winning just because she doesn’t seem to have that killer instinct within the game to make huge moves or do something that goes against who she is as a person. Granted, we are judging this based mostly on a preseason video and a CBS bio, so maybe she’ll surprise.

How well do you think that Ashley Nolan is going to do on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Let us know in the comments below!

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