The Blacklist season 5 premiere video: Reddington gets a new job

The Blacklist logo any seasonOn The Blacklist season 5 premiere on Wednesday night, there are many fun moments that will be upon us. Reddington trying to find a job is going to be one of these such moments.

In the sneak peek below from the episode, you can see Red alongside Liz trying to figure out the answer to one question: How to convince a bail bondsman to allow him to work one of his jobs. The mission in this instance is fairly simple: Find Smokey Putnam, a criminal whose capture merits a rather-large sum. Basically, Reddington needs to convince said bail bondsman in order to capture a fugitive … even though he’s a fugitive himself. Why would this guy agree to this? Well, Reddington is eager to prove that he can help, and it probably benefits him to use him for now. That’s been in one way or another a part of the fabric of this show for a rather long time. We absolutely don’t see that changing all that much right now.

Ultimately, the motivation for James Spader’s character is what makes this so different and exciting: He needs the money. He’s struggling to make ends meet without his operation and his assets, and he’s turning to Liz as his daughter just as much as an FBI agent for help. Rebuilding his team will help to pay the builds, and in turn, it also probably helps the FBI in a net-positive sort of situation. Liz seems a little more eager to help than previously (being family will do that), but we have to figure that there are going to be some unexpected consequences and surprises that go along with this move. This is Reddington that we’re talking about here, and we have a feeling that he is going to continue to be someone with additional motives.

No matter the outcome of Reddington’s new job, we have a feeling that there will be some comedy on the other side of it. With this show, we effectively would not have it any other way.

Just remember that this episode airs on Wednesday, and before that you can have a chance to preview what lies ahead even more courtesy of an interview with showrunner Jon Bokenkamp. That is going to be coming your way on Monday.

(Photo: NBC)

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