Lucifer season 3 premiere wishlist: Can we get a Lucifer – Chloe moment?

Lucifer - ChloeIn this Lucifer season 3 premiere wishlist piece, we come bearing many questions … several of them about Lucifer and Chloe. Where are they going to pick up moving into this new batch of episodes, and is there hope for them to actually end up together? We’re going to touch on this in this CarterMatt feature, alongside a wide array of other topics.

1. Address the wings – While we don’t anticipate that the show is going to offer up a whole lot of information on the Sinnerman, otherwise known as the person responsible for the cliffhanger ending, we do want to see the show play around with what Lucifer with wings looks like in the premiere. It’s such an odd, interesting concept, and it’s something that helps the show to stand out. Have a little bit of fun, raise some questions, and see if it impacts his personality in any way.

2. Introduce Marcus Pierce in an effective way – While we do not anticipate that Tom Welling is going to be a part of every episode this season, we do hope that the show finds a way to incorporate him into some sort of premiere storyline. How does he fit into the show, and what are his first interactions with Lucifer and Chloe like? We do want to get a better sense of him, even if it’s just the smallest of teases through one episode.

3. Have Lucifer tell Chloe the truth – While some of the previews out there have hinted that such a revelation is coming, we do hope that the show just finally goes there and allows the big moment to happen. If could change the Deckerstar relationship to happen, and we’re all about the wide array of story possibilities it could bring.

4. Reintroduce Charlotte Richards – Maybe it’s too much to ask that we see Tricia Helfer right away in the new season given the way in which the second season ended with her, but we would like to see what this version of the character brings to the table. After all, we don’t want to have to wait all that long to get her back on the show!

5. Moments for some of the supporting characters – It would be nice to see how Linda is coping with some of the dangerous situations that she found herself in at the end of the finale, and that personally is near the top of our priority list. Of course, it’d be nice to see D.B. Woodside have some great material just because he brings everything to another level with his charisma. Every character needs to have big moments over the season, but Linda is probably our priority for the premiere.

What is on your Lucifer season 3 premiere wishlist?

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