Ray Donovan season 5 episode 7 video: More on the Ray – Abby relationship

Ray Donovan season 5 episode 7Before you have a chance to check out Ray Donovan season 5 episode 7, why not take a couple of looks behind the scenes at the show?

The first video that we’ve got for you below really focuses more on the relationship with Ray and Abby than anything. These two characters do clearly love each other, and have spent a substantial amount of time over the course of the series developing that bond. You haven’t always seen the two of them at their best, but one of the fun things about this season is that it is allowing for more opportunities to see what the dynamic between the two is truly like.

Unfortunately, there is somewhat of a trade-off that is coming with that in the fact that the Abby character is dead in the present. We’re seeing what some of their final weeks and months are like, and how Ray is doing his best in order to adjust to the rather-terrible news that his wife, the woman he loves and deeply cares about, is no longer there.

Liev Schreiber and Paula Malcomson each go through in this video, describing what makes Ray and Abby such powerful characters and why they mean so much to each other. It’s all the more of a devastating reminder that the two cannot have the life that they once did anymore.

As for the second video…

This one isn’t so much a setup for Ray Donovan season 5 episode 7 as it is for the entire series, discussing how big of a role the city of Los Angeles actually plays in the entire proceedings. The producers and cast all have a great deal of awareness as to its power and impact. It’s a prominent part of the show, and they all understand that there are certain power dynamics that come with being a part of LA. This includes dressing in a certain way, preparing yourself for big meetings, and having a home that can be separate somewhat from the public façade you put on. For Ray, it’s especially important that he have this distance given that he works as a fixer, and an enormous part of his job entails him trying to do dangerous things that paint him in a certain light. Anything that he can do to separate himself from that image is very much a good thing.

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