Chicago Fire season 6 episode 1 video: Hope Jacquinot meets the team

Hope JacquinotHope Jacquinot is one of the latest characters to join the One Chicago family, and the Chicago Fire season 6 episode 1 video we have below is a brief tease of what to expect from her!

If you look below, you will have a chance to see the arrival of the character (played by Eloise Mumford) on the show as Brett introduces her to some of the Firehouse 51 family. She comes from Brett’s hometown, has won a few quirky local awards there, and it’s pretty clear upon her arrival that she is not exactly in her element. This is a totally different world for her, and one where it could take her a certain degree of time in order to adjust.

One thing that is clear from the get-go, is that both Cruz and Otis are immediately interested in her … for one very specific reason. First, they humorously play rock-paper-scissors in order to determine which one of them has a chance to be with her. Beyond that, they also then engage in some other awkwardness. We like how Otis introduces himself using his real name as though that makes him somehow more impressive.

Here’s the bad news for these two guys — once again, it seems like Hope could have eyes more for Kelly Severide. At the tail end of the sneak peek you see him lurking in the background, and there seems to be the tiniest moment between the two characters. Remember that months have passed (at the time of this scene following the death of Anna), and at this point Severide could be back in Full Severide mode — which includes him sleeping with half of the city. He often does use women and fly-by-night relationships as a mask to hide some of his emotions, and given what he has gone through over the past year, he could be doing the same exact thing. The danger for Hope is that she gets caught in his cross-hairs, and that could be problematic as she tries to establish some sort of confidence for herself in the new city.

Basically, we anticipate that there is going to be some potential tension brewing between Brett and Severide if he does anything to break her friend’s heart. For the time being, let’s just say that we’re not altogether hopeful that a Severide – Hope relationship could turn into something more. That’s based more on the character’s reputation than anything that we’ve seen from her so far. You also can’t forget that Stella Kidd is still around, and there could be some feelings that still exist for her and Kelly, as well.

Excited to see Hope Jacquinot on the team?

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