Chicago PD season 5 premiere wishlist: A changing of the guard

Chicago PD season 5 premiereWhat is at the top of our Chicago PD season 5 premiere wishlist? Much of that comes down to  the title of this episode: Reform. This is meant to be a story all about people trying to do the job the best they can, and over the course of this first episode (airing on Wednesday), we anticipate there being some challenges to the natural order of doing things. After all, why wouldn’t there be? This is 2017, and Intelligence is being run by a power-hungry vigilante who will stop at nothing in order to ensure that he gets justice. Sure, the ends are great, but do they really justify the means? It’s hard to say that they do.

Below, we’ve got a few more suggestions as a part of our new CarterMatt Premiere Wishlist series that we’re doing for the bulk of the month. Check out some of what we think could work for the show below, and at the bottom of the article we want to hear more of your thoughts!

1. Give Voight a little more of a clear agenda – Sooner or later, the man does have to either face consequences or the threat of serious ones. We want to see him battling some of these demons more so than embracing them. We know that he’s good at his job, but there are certain things that it’s probably not great to be so good at!

2. Introduce Tracy Spiridakos’ Upton effectively – Give us a great opportunity to get to know her more over time, and don’t force too much at once. Also, don’t make her into a love interest for Jay Halstead if you can help it.

3. Give us Halstead’s emotional struggle – If we had to guess, the premiere should be an excellent showcase for Jesse Lee Soffer as we witness the character deal with being accused of shooting a young girl while also dealing with the ramifications of Lindsay’s exit.

4. Don’t just downplay Lindsay’s departure – We know that the temptation to do this with the character may be there with Sophia Bush gone, but we do really hope that Chicago PD finds a way to slow things down a little and actually address the elephant in the room before completely moving on.

5. Give some smaller characters time in the spotlight – We’d love for the premiere to have big moments for the likes of Atwater and Platt, especially when you think for a moment about the way that most premiere episodes work. (Usually, the supporting cast gets their huge moments a few episodes into the run.) We do love getting to shake things up here and there!

What do you want to see on Chicago PD season 5?

Be sure to share in the comments below! Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you want to get some more news when it comes to some upcoming Chicago PD episodes! Also, remember that we’re going to be back at CarterMatt next week with a new interview with showrunner Rick Eid to preview what lies ahead. (Photo: NBC.)

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