Riverdale star KJ Apa okay after car accident; Warner Bros. issues statement

KJ ApaThere was a scary situation this week revolving Riverdale star KJ Apa, but there’s good news on the other side that he’s okay.

Details recently came out about an accident Apa suffered while following filming of the CW show, one where he hit a lamppost and there are a multiple stories out there about him falling asleep behind the wheel. Apa has not issued a statement on the matter himself, but there are a number of varying reports out there about how much he worked prior to the accident and the true nature of his injuries.

The good news that we have to report today is rather simple: Apa is doing okay in the aftermath of the accident, and recovered without even going to the hospital. Meanwhile, a statement (per Deadline) from studio Warner Bros. TV sheds more light on the time he spent on set:

“First and foremost, we are extremely grateful that KJ Apa was uninjured during his recent accident. Secondarily, we want to specifically address the characterization that conditions on the set of Riverdale are of concern. We have a large cast of series regulars, and our actors do not work every day. On the day of the accident, KJ worked 14.2 hours. The previous day he worked 2.5 hours, and the day before that he worked 7.7 hours. KJ has repeatedly been informed about making production aware if he is tired or feels unsafe, and if so, either a ride or hotel room will be provided for him. The accident occurred last Thursday. Additionally, it is untrue that KJ was taken to the hospital. He was treated by first responders on the scene and released by them. We also sent a doctor to his home later that same day for a follow-up to confirm his well-being.”

Ultimately, the most important thing here is clearly that Apa is okay, and that he can recover from what he went through here. Regardless of anything, the one thing that we know at the moment is for any actor, working long days can be challenging. No matter what KJ is going through we’re happy that he is okay, and hopefully he will be able to recover from all of this and move forward without much of a problem. The crummy thing about it is how this is automatically going to lead to all sorts of questioning and rumor-spreading, when it likely just comes down to an unfortunate incident.

In a separate statement, SAG-AFTRA made it clear that they are sending people to Vancouver to take a further look at production:

“This is an extremely troubling situation and we are deeply concerned about the safety of performers on the Riverdale set … We are sending a team to Vancouver to review the circumstances surrounding safety issues affecting performers on this production.”

Riverdale season 2 is slated to premiere on The CW in October, and current reports are that there were no delays in production as a result of the accident that occurred.

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