A Community movie could (thankfully) still happen, says Danny Pudi

Community movieIs the prospect of a Community movie still a thing? It’s been probably been at least since a year since we heard anything on the possibility of it. Not only that, but many of the show’s stars are now busier than ever. Alison Brie has her own show in GLOW, Gillian Jacobs has Love, Yvette Nicole Brown is in the upcoming The Mayor, and Donald Glover is of course off being a Star Wars movie actor and also writing and doing almost everything else under the sun on Atlanta. This is without even mentioning the wide array of gigs for Joel McHale and others, plus the work that Dan Harmon has going on over at Rick & Morty.

So where do you find the time for a Community movie? Well, it somehow could still happen if you’re to believe some of the latest comments from star Danny Pudi! Speaking in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly during their Entertainment Weekly: The Show program, the man behind Abed made it clear that there are actually some conversations out there about making it happen:

“A movie is the last part of it. I believe we will do it, and I’m hopeful. I don’t know when, but I think we’re talking about it. People are actually talking about it. I think there is an appetite, I don’t know if there will be in 10 years. Either way, I just want to do it because I want to see what everybody’s up to.”

There are still a couple of major roadblocks in the way of a Community movie actually happening, with one of the big ones being the sole fact that there is no concrete home for it. Remember that NBC previously canceled the show, and Yahoo Screen, who hosted the show’s sixth season, is no longer in existence. It’d need to find a way to fund the project first, and then get the time to actually do it. One of the good things about a movie is that if it was filmed in just a few weeks or a month, they would probably need only a handful of days of the entire cast together. From there, they could bounce around and coordinate things if need be based on some of the people who were open.

We at CarterMatt will of course continue to endorse the idea given that we loved the vast majority of the show, though we also recognize that we won’t be that upset if it never happens. While the sixth season was imperfect at times, we do think that its finale was perfectly poignant and a nice representation of both the show and its journey.

What do you think the odds are of a Community movie happening down the road, and do you still want it to? Be sure to share in the comments below!

Once there is some more news on the matter, we’ll be sure to let you know. (Photo: Community.)

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