Zoo season 3 finale sneak peek: It falls on Mitch Morgan

Mitch MorganWant to check out a Zoo season 3 finale sneak peek before the episode airs? Well, we’ve got that for you here at Cartermatt!

In this preview below, you can see some proof that Mitch Morgan may be the last hope for all of humanity (not that you needed anymore proof of that then we already have since Mitch is awesome). If he can figure out how to shut down the final beacon, most of the Eastern part of America will be spared. If not, everyone is screwed … and they’re already pretty darn screwed when you stop for a moment and think about everything working against them. Abigail Westbrook, (through much of this season) has been one step ahead of our team making things extremely difficult for everyone. She’s smartly prepared for most of what the Zoo Crew has done, and has perfectly manipulated most of the characters making her a really good Zoo villain! There is no finer example of this at the moment than what she’s been able to do to her brother Jackson Oz. At the end of this past episode he learned that “Sam” is actually his son — this effectively means that Jackson and Mitch are now family, but for the time being Jackson’s probably so consumed by emotional torment that he’s not going to be able to focus on the quest to stop the hybrids once and for all. The onus instead falls on Mitch to protect humanity.

This episode has higher stakes than almost any other episode before it, but there is also a small sliver of hope given that you want to see the show end on a note where humanity has more of a chance to move forward after the attacks. This could serve as a series finale (no cancellation or renewal has been confirmed at this point), so can you imagine what would happen if we get some other enormous cliffhanger at the tail end of the episode? It’d certainly be devastating to all the fans out there, but it is something that you do have to consider as a possibility given that this episode was written many months ago, long before the producers were aware of the show’s declining ratings.

No matter how Zoo goes out, the one thing that we hope for is this: It goes down swinging, and with many reminders of why we enjoy this show so much. It’s okay for it to be over-the-top and crazy; it likes to innovate and shake things up, but we do also want there to be meaning. We want to at least imagine that these characters are going to be okay. For example, can’t Mitch and Jamie have something resembling a happy ending for at least a little while? It certainly feels as though that would be nice.

What do you think right now about this Zoo season 3 finale sneak peek?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter in the comments! Meanwhile, you can head over to the link here in the event you do want to secure some additional insight now when it comes to the series and the finale episode coming up. (Photo: CBS.)

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