Ellen’s Million Acts of Good, Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke, Kelly Clarkson on AGT

Television viewers are recovering from reality show finales on Thursday morning. After great anticipation and lots of participation over the summer, winners of the shows were decided last night. On America’s Got Talent  it was Darci Lynne Farmer, who won the top prize. On Big Brother 19 it was Josh Martinez, who pulled off what some thought was an impossible win. And then on MasterChef, it was Dino Luciano who won the finale. Thankfully, it appears the winners are set to move on and share their talent with the country.

Ellen’s Million Acts of Good

Done something good lately? If so, Ellen DeGeneres wants to know. She is kicking off a Million Acts of Good campaign with Cheerios in hopes to inspire the world. The best part? Well, she is incorporating the viewers of her show to share acts of good on video and send them in.

We all do good in our lives, but The Ellen DeGeneres Show campaign takes it one step further, those good acts will be seen by others. It’s probably an added incentive that really makes a difference in our world today. There is so much swirling around that to do a good thing (or even the right thing) takes a little extra time. Highlighting that extra effort by putting it on tape reminds us all that it’s worth it!

Kelly Clarkson performs on America’s Got Talent 2017

One of the highlights of America’s Got Talent (besides the crowning of the winner) was Kelly Clarkson. It was particularly moving for many viewers who got to see Kelly once again perform in front of Simon Cowell in a full circle, career moment. It was Simon who helped discover this talented singer on American Idol. Now he was judging a different talent show and one of his biggest discoveries was standing on stage a star. Kelly Clarkson performed Love So Soft for Simon (and her fans) and it was a great moment.

Foo Fighters Carpool Karaoke

If you love the Foo Fighters OR Carpool Karaoke, the latest guests in James Corden’s car was a perfect match. The Foo Fighters offered up some of their hits while driving around the streets of Los Angeles. Looking to have a great time, the talk show host was part of the band for an hour (which later on one of the guys suggested it was only a probationary period.)

The best part had to be when James pulled up at the Guitar Center for his guests to pop out and play a few songs using the store’s equipment. While the fans in the store appeared to be employees, the band didn’t disappoint. Rocking out on the stage, it was a mini concert in the middle of Los Angeles and showcased why this band is loved by the fans.


The back and forth banter of Jimmy Kimmel and elected officials over health care, has many viewers asking if this is a new normal for Hollywood. As far as politics go, weighing in on what side you believe in is a personal choice. However, when it comes to creating a national discussion, Kimmel has really pushed this issue into the spotlight. He isn’t alone in highlighting topics that are personally important to a celebrity.

Over the years many celebrities have put national and international issues in the spotlight by using their star power. People like Bob Barker, Angelina Jolie, George Clooney and even the late Bob Hope are actively involved in working to create awareness. The difference with Jimmy Kimmel’s spotlight is his focus is on a hot button topic and he also has a nightly platform with Jimmy Kimmel Live! He’s created more awareness about this issue in the past 48-hours than most elected officials in Washington. And who knows? He might be the voice that pushes people to weigh in with their personal beliefs and ultimately resolves this issue.

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