Big Brother 19 finale: Kevin Schlehuber defends voting for Paul (backyard interview)

Kevin SchlehuberDid Josh Martinez really play Big Brother 19 better than Paul Abrahamian? Well, not if you ask Kevin Schlehuber.

Speaking to Dr. Will Kirby tonight in his CBS backyard interview, Kevin made it clear that in his mind, Paul played the better game between the two parties. We do agree with him, but also understand that feelings and emotions do get in the way when it comes to jury votes and that’s why we always say that while it’s important to have a good social game in the house, making sure that jury members leaving the house happy with you is just as important. Kevin isn’t necessarily angry about everything that happened, but he did make his thoughts pretty clear on the subject. He did claim that Josh is a “nice kid,” and he does still want to invite him to Thanksgiving — granted, Kevin hasn’t seen everything that happened on the live feeds.

Beyond all of this, Kevin defended his decision to keep his $25,000 a secret, saying that it was going to make him an enormous threat in the game. He also explained telling the information to Paul — we do understanding wanting to have an ally in the game, but Paul wasn’t it.

So what is next for Kevin, now that he has been in the top three of America’s Favorite? Well, it sounds like he’s going to get back to his family, who are in Los Angeles. They’ve been huge supporters of his all season, so we understand the logic in wanting to do that. Beyond just that, though, Kevin is open to doing more media things, given that his children are all much older now and he doesn’t have the same burden on him as a provider that he once did.

In the end, though, CarterMatt does think that Kevin is going to have a lot of different opportunities for himself after the game, and his interview with Will was a good time! After all, he concluded it with a discussion with Dr. Will about their respective fashion choices — both were super-snazzy dressers, and there were some good moments that came out of that. This did also further show that Kevin can get along with anyone, which we think would help him in the event that he ever comes back to this or any other CBS show in the future.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to get some other news when it comes to the backyard interviews. (Photo: CBS.)

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