Big Brother 19 finale: Paul Abrahamian has zero regrets (CBS backyard interview)

Paul AbrahamianPaul Abrahamian finished second place on Big Brother 19 for the second straight year … but does he feel bad about it? Well, not so much. He claimed that he doesn’t have any regrets over the way that he played, and said that the end result of the season was people being unhappy that he was the one who took them out. Bitter jury problems.

You could see over the course of this interview that Dr. Will had a little bit of sympathy towards Paul; yet, at the same time he was very much willing to mock him, making it clear that he should go on some other shows now and come close to winning. It’s hard losing the game, and it’s even hard losing it twice. You can tell that Paul is upset about it (which makes sense after how well he ran that house all season), but this is the way that it works out when you don’t spend time making sure that the person leaving the house and going to jury isn’t upset with you. Clearly, what Paul doesn’t realize yet is how he lost. He didn’t have to be emotionally manipulative or malicious in how he talked about other people. He went far harder than he needed to for the sake of the game, but it is what it is. He liked his moves, and he feels as though he stacks up there with some of the greats.

For the record, Paul did tell Will that he’s open to doing Survivor, but we’re not sure that will happen. For one, he’s not all that good when it comes to survival skills; also, everyone is going to target him from day one. In some ways, he already is the Big Brother version of Russell Hantz, who appeared on Survivor three times and lost two seasons back-to-back after making it all the way to the end.

On the showmance front, don’t expect to see a Paul – Christmas showmance anytime soon. He virtually dismissed that possibility over the course of the interview, making it clear that the two had more of a friendship and he was happy to be there for her as a cuddle buddy most of the season. (Sorry, Paulmas fans…)

Ultimately, Paul just doesn’t seem to have learned that much about what went wrong the first time; had that happened, maybe things would’ve been different in round two.

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Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some other backyard interview highlights. (Photo: CBS.)

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