Big Brother 19 finale: Cody Nickson, Jessica Graf, and Dr. Will backyard interview craziness

Cody NicksonThe backyard interview with Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf following the Big Brother 19 was very much eventful! Of course, we say that even though we didn’t actually see Cody say much of anything over the course of it. He mostly just stood there, said a few words, and talked about how he didn’t like Paul. Pretty typical Cody stuff that we’ve come to know from him over the season.

Basically, Cody won America’s Favorite Player tonight mostly on the strength of not liking Paul, which is something that doesn’t happen all that much. He seems happy with that victory, he thought the finale was “fine,” and apparently, he was more than thrilled to be with Jessica now that the show is over. The two seem reasonably open to being on The Amazing Race, but Cody seems less than enthused about being on The Bold and the Beautiful, even if he just takes Will’s suggestion of going on there, saying one word, and then promptly walking off the stage. We don’t watch The Bold and the Beautiful over here at CarterMatt, but we would watch for that Cody moment.

This interview was actually rather short on content, but probably more fun than we’ve seen in a backyard interview in a very long time (if ever). At one point, Will commented that Cody was just ready for this all to be over, which led to some interesting commentary on him and Jess eventually going back and potentially having sex on the Final HoH platform as a way for Dr. Will to win an Emmy. Yep, that actually happened — and so did a discussion of Jessica’s butt-poking antics this season finding their way onto TMZ (this was a big season for that). It’s obvious that Jess and Cody are clearly into each other, and whether you love the two of them or hate them, we do think that they are going to be together for a long time after the show. They’re one of the few couples who we can see getting together after the show and having it last. We don’t know what their immediate future holds, but it won’t be a shocker if there is wedding talk sooner rather then later.

As for whether or not we foresee Jessica and Cody being on the show again together, it’s possible! Remember that Brendon and Rachel ended up going on the show one year after they were a part of season 12.

What do you think about Cody Nickson as a Big Brother player this season? Share in the comments below!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want some other backyard interview highlights. (Photo: CBS.)

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