America’s Got Talent season 12 finale: Will Darci Lynne, Mandy Harvey, or Light Balance win?

America's Got Talent season 12 finaleThe America’s Got Talent season 12 finale is airing on NBC tonight, and with that, you’ll see Darci Lynne, Mandy Harvey, Light Balance, and many more learn whether or not they’ve won the grand prize and an opportunity to achieve the career of their dreams.

For this preview article our main objective is pretty simple: Laying out the likely results that you see on the show tonight. Some people have a serious chance of winning, whereas others we feel are, unfortunately, doomed to be relegated outside of the top five for one reason or another.

Little to no chance at winning

Kechi – She has a wonderful story, but there wasn’t anything about her performance last night that was eye-popping and she barely made it to the finale in the first place. (She needed the Dunkin’ Save.)

Preacher Lawson – We projected going into the finale that Preacher would be a top three contender, but we think he chose material that was far too polarizing for the end of the show. Repeating the same thing over and over again can be funny, but it relied too much on one comedic muscle and not the others.

Angelica Hale – She may make the top five, but she started off the show and was largely forgotten by the end of the night.

Chase Goehring – We love him, but we don’t think there was anything in his performance last night that will lead to a spike in the votes. As we’ve said, though, he doesn’t really need to win in the first place?

Small chance at winning

Diavolo – While they needed a lot of help to make it to this point, we do think that they had their strongest performance of the whole season last night. It was structured in a simple way, but it delivered in a way that makes us think they’re getting a Las Vegas show regardless.

Sara & Hero – We do think that there were some imperfections in her most-recent performance on the show, but at the same time Sara & Hero are beloved and they’ve got a connection that many viewers out there do happen to relate to.

Evie Clair – Her performance and her story made huge headlines, but given that she was a Dunkin’ Save recipient twice in the past we’re not 100% confident that she’ll get enough of a spike in the votes.

Serious contenders

Light Balance – They are almost the representatives of the non-singing acts, and we do think that they did one of the coolest performances that we’ve seen from them on the show last night. Also, they got to close the show! That is often an asset for getting more votes.

Mandy Harvey – A great performer with a great story, and we like that she never treats her deafness like it’s something to be sad about. Her attitude is as inspirational as anything.

Darci Lynne – At the moment, Darci remains our pick to win the whole season, and it’s pretty easy to understand why. She’s done really unique performances every time and she does something that is incredibly remarkable — especially for her age. Her losing would be the biggest AGT shocker since Jackie Evancho didn’t get the grand prize.

Who do you think is winning America’s Got Talent season 12? Share now in the comments!

Meanwhile, head over to the link here in the event you do want to read our review of last night’s episode. (Photo: NBC.)

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