MasterChef season 8 finale: Did Dino Angelo Luciano, Jason Wang, or Eboni Henry win?

MasterChef season 8 finaleLeading into the MasterChef season 8 finale on Fox Wednesday night, we knew that Dino Angelo Luciano, Jason Wang, or Eboni Henry would all be worthy winners for the season. They all have unbridled passion, great stories, and the ability to do a wide array of cool stuff in the kitchen.

However, we also knew that only one of them would be emerging on the other side of the kitchen tonight as the winner. This leads to a wide array of other questions, including what the home cooks would do in these final tasks to impress the judges (including original show judge Joe Bastianich) and if they could find a way to separate themselves from the field. They’ve all got their own strengths and weaknesses, but we know that in the end, there can only be one winner.

Let’s get now to the main question at hand, and it’s a pretty simple one: Did the right person take home the title? We’re going to go a little bit more in-depth on the subject later, but before our full review of the episode hits (we’re going to be a little late on it tonight due to some other engagements), we wanted to at least offer you up a place to share some of your reactions to the end of the season — arguably one of the most competitive ones we’ve seen yet.

Enough beating around the bush now. The winner of MasterChef season 8 is officially … Dino! He did it! He had a chance to make it through the night, and we do think that he’s going to have a chance to do some really great things as a result of being on this show. He did bring a lot to the table this season, whether it be his creativity, his personality, or his passion. He’s probably going more in a pastry direction that some of the other winners this season, but that’s great since he’s in a spot in New York that is chock full of people who love various desserts. Also, he’s got a great potential mentor in Christina Tosi.

Now that the finale is over, the wait for MasterChef season 9 begins. The show isn’t officially renewed for more episodes just yet, but we do believe it to be very much a lock to come back.

What did you think about the MasterChef season 8 finale?

Did the right home cook win in your mind? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter in the comments! Meanwhile, head over to the link here if you missed some of our recent exit interviews with some of the eliminated home cooks. (Photo: Fox.)

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