Big Brother, America’s Got Talent, MasterChef: Finale Winner finally revealed to the fans

America's Got Talent season 12

On Wednesday night TV viewers will be glued to their sofas as decisions for Big Brother, MasterChef and America’s Got Talent are revealed. While it’s the season finale, it’s also a big sign that summer is over. Television is wrapping up the reality shows and the fall prime time selection is locked and loaded. It’s a bittersweet moment for fans of the reality shows, but it’s also great news for those regularly scheduled dramas viewers love to watch. New episodes are just around the corner!

America’s Got Talent Live Results: The winner heads to Las Vegas

Last night the America’s Got Talent Live show had everyone shocked. It was one competitor after another leaving their best performance on stage. It was impressive and made it even harder to decide who to vote for and the singers in this competition are epic (the performances of the other acts are equally as fantastic). Watching the show last night, I kept thinking about the level of competition for America’s Got Talent. What is seen on stage is amazing and this is talent from regular folks, like you and me.

The America’s Got Talent Live Results show tonight will offer America a winner and someone is going to Las Vegas. Frankly, because of the quality of talent, let’s hope the talent scouts, agents and others in Hollywood snag these amazing people and they start booking them work. Each and every one of them deserves a contract, even if that means they don’t make it to Las Vegas.

Who’s my Big Brother Finale Winner? Julie Chen

On Wednesday the Big Brother 19 winner will be revealed to the viewers as well. One of three contestants will walk out with a boatload of cash and the bragging rights for a lifetime. Almost all three of the contestants are worthy of winning, but whatever the decision, there will be an online discussion on who deserved it the most. The pros and cons of this season had fans really hashing out the details. Expect some drama after the final decision of Big Brother 19 is made.

Which brings me to my Big Brother winner. The person that wins my vote every season has once again offered up some great guidance for Big Brother 19 right up to the finale. Yes, I am talking about Julie Chen. She is there to guide the fans every step of the way offering a fixture of the show that otherwise twists and turns throughout the season. Without her, viewers would be lost and yet, sometimes viewers don’t even remember her when it come to the end of the season. Fans all need to offer a big thank you to Julie Chen.

MasterChef finale winner

Gordon Ramsay’s popular show MasterChef is crowning a winner too. This cooking show has offered some amazing dishes for the viewers watching. While the competition is way beyond my skills, the impressive contestants seem to make their food look fabulous. One lucky contestant will walk away as the MasterChef winner with a contract that a working chef could only dream about.

Flipping back and forth through the channels, I will be watching to see who is the new Masterchef winner. My only complaint is that the show makes me hungry (offering up images of magnificent food). I rush to the kitchen to find something comparable and end up with a can of ravioli. Life doesn’t always mirror TV, especially when it comes to food.


Have fun watching all the reality show finales tonight! This week is the last week before the fall television prime time line up kicks in.

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