Is Suits new tonight on USA? What lies ahead in season 7 episode 11

Suits new tonightIs Suits new tonight on USA? Given that The Sinner finale is airing, it makes sense to want another episode.

Unfortunately, that’s just not happening and the Patrick J. Adams – Gabriel Macht series is effectively resorting to the same pattern that they have the past few years, and that includes airing ten new episodes in the summer and then six in the winter/spring. The show is off the air for the remainder of the year. We don’t know why USA either didn’t schedule Suits later in the summer or moved The Sinner a little bit earlier, but it effectively is what it is. We’re going to miss not having the show on the air tonight, but the truth here is that we were probably going to feel that way regardless of when the show ends for the summer. We just want more of it, and that’s really what matters here more so than anything else.

As for where we want to see the series go now within the final six episodes of the season, there’s obviously a good bit to address.

Harvey’s feelings for Donna – We know how she feels now, and he needs to assess now some of his own feelings. There’s no real turning back when it comes to the kiss, and he’s in a relationship with Paula. There are absolutely some things here that the two parties need to talk through and assess, and we figure that this will be a focus of when the show comes back at some point.

A Mike – Rachel wedding – There are some signs that we could finally be getting this, so we hope that it happens and in the vein of who these two people are and what makes them stand out.

The return of Sheila – We haven’t seen the last of her yet, as Louis’ decision to sleep with her right before her wedding should cause some further chaos in his head. He’s trying to make things work for himself, and when it comes to generating mental stability sleeping with her wasn’t exactly the right move for him to make.

The spin-off – The final episode of the season is going to heavily feature Jessica, and should be the starting-off point for whatever the new series is. We anticipate that we’ll get a chance to see Jeff Malone again, even if it’s just for a brief appearance, and we’ll understand what her show could be.

A sense of relative closure – We hope that there’ll be enough loose ends tied up so that the finale here can actually feel like a series finale for some of the characters. While the show will likely have a season 8, at the same time there’s no word on if all of the current cast members are going to return.

What do you want to see on Suits when the show returns to USA? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the comments!

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