Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Josh justifies his decision (day 91, evening)

Big Brother 19Given how much delusion there has been throughout Big Brother 19shouldn’t we also end on some?

At this point 24 hours from now, we will know who is the winner of this season. Spoiler alert: It’s probably going to be Paul. Christmas seems destined now to third place, especially after Josh reiterated earlier in the day that he was mostly interested in going with Paul because he thinks that he can beat him. Somehow in Josh’s own deluded mind he thinks that he is the architect for many of the big moves in the house, and that Paul really didn’t do all that much. He doesn’t quite realize that most of his “moves” were the deliberate result of Paul winding him up like a toy and sending him along his way.

Meanwhile, Josh thinks that Christmas is much too likable, not realizing that A) nobody is that crazy about her and B) there may be some jurors out there who think that it wasn’t that fair that she got to leave the house so often after suffering her injury. This is going to be the mistake that haunts Josh, given that we feel like it’s almost a guarantee that he wins the game in the event that he makes it all the way to the end against her. With Paul, he is really relying on a bitter jury and that is not guaranteed.

Also tonight, we saw Josh make an attempt to make some rice (which he really wasn’t all that successful in accomplishing), and there was a little bit of entertainment that came out of Paul eating some carrots that had a secret ingredient: Soap. Could he get soap poisoning like Ralphie in A Christmas Story and be evacuated from the game before the final two? Okay, probably not … but it’s still funny to think about.

One last CarterMatt note

We’ll probably have another update in the morning, but in the event that you miss that one for whatever reason we do want to extend a hearty thank-you to everyone who continues to read and support our site, both in Big Brother season and at some other points in the year. We’ve covered the show ever since season 11, and the live feeds since season 12. Even if this season had its clear weaknesses (Paul controlling almost everything, and some of the cast flopping like a fish from the moment they entered the house), it still is a blast to cover and dive into. We will be back for Celebrity Big Brother, and of course Big Brother Canada that we have been covering since the start.

Now, let’s just wait to see Paul win so we can start to think about the upcoming Celebrity Big Brother season airing in the new year. After all, isn’t that where things are really going to start to get crazy?

Want some other news on Big Brother 19?

If you head over to the link here, you can get another story that asks one big question: If Paul does win, what does it mean for his legacy as a player? Does it change anything in a huge way? (Photo: CBS)

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