Extended Gotham season 4 trailer: Batman, Catwoman’s origins heat up

Gotham season 4 premiereAs you look at the new extended Gotham season 4 trailer courtesy of Fox, one does feel rather clear: The show’s not messing around. The goal is accelerating the pace, and after spending the past three years allowing us to get to know characters and understand their story better, the fourth year feels very much like a culmination of things. This is a chance to accelerate the story, raise the stakes, and allow for even more danger.

Also, this extended Gotham season 4 trailer is really more than anything else the story of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. The past three seasons, they were effectively kids. They were still in the process of finding themselves and trying to understand what it is that they actually wanted out of their lives — which, more often than not, was survival. Their surroundings were so much in the state of flux that there were not exactly many opportunities for these two to unwind, understand where they are in life, and then try to find a way to properly move forward. There is no break in the chaos, and instead what you are seeing here is the two parties doing what they can in order to embrace the chaos. They are allowing their imaginations to run a little wild and to put on some of the costumes and masks that better define who they are now. It’s an interesting position for them to be in since it’s so far from what anyone else would want; however, being early versions of Batman and Catwoman may just make it a little bit easier for the two of them to cope. It’s an identity in which they can be their true selves.

This trailer offers plenty of insight both in terms of how we got to where we are in the season 4 premiere (airing Thursday), but also more in the way of where we are going. Selina will be training alongside none other than Tabitha Galavan, while Bruce is still going to have Ra’s al Ghul in his life — in the process, though, will be the tattered remains of his relationship with Alfred. This was clearly once very strong, but we are bearing witness now to it coming apart at the seams.

Beyond the Bruce – Selina dynamic, this preview also gives you a good sense of some of the villains coming aboard this season, including the nefarious Scarecrow and some of the ways in which he operates within the city. He plays on the worst fears of those around him, and all of the other characters have to find a way to merely survive while handling the surrounding chaos and the possibility that they could be the next target.

What do you think about the extended Gotham season 4 trailer?

Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below! Meanwhile, if you were to head over here, you can read our recent exclusive interview with Star David Mazouz, who does his best to preview everything that is coming up next. (Photo: Fox.)

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