America’s Got Talent finale review: Evie Clair, Light Balance, Kechi battle to win

America's Got Talent finaleWho is going to win America’s Got Talent season 12? While you are not going to get an answer to that question tonight, you will learn more regarding who should. Evie Clair, Light Balance, Kechi, Sara & Hero, and many other contenders are taking to the stage one more time, with the biggest hope being that they will get the votes necessary of winning that grand prize.

even if they don’t, just remember that there are former runners-up on this show that have done very well for themselves. Look at the Clairvoyants from this past season as reference!

As with every other one of our America’s Got Talent reviews, we’re going to be looking at everything as it unfolds live! Be sure to refresh the page in the event that you do want some additional updates on some of the performances.

One more reminder: Be sure to click here if you didn’t get a chance to see where we ranked some of the acts going into the show. We’re listing them off tonight in order from least-favorite to favorite — the act we like the most is at the bottom!

Kechi – Love her story, but this performance was pretty dull. It felt like a winners’ single during American Idol than something current for 2017, and her chorus was masked heavily by a backing track. She’s a good singer, but we would’ve rather seen Colin Cloud in the finale.

Angelica Hale – She started off with a cover of a Clean Bandit song, and she did a decent job with it. The problem we foresee for her here is that there won’t be all that many viewers out there who know the song. Also, the song just didn’t feel right for her stylistically. Amazing singer, but the connection wasn’t quite there.

Sara & Hero – This was a rough one at times tonight, given that we saw a couple of different tumbles with some of the different tricks. Yet, the ending of it with Hero jumping and grabbing that bone from a pretty great distance was all sorts of spectacular. We never thought that Sara & Hero had a great dance to win this show, but we do hope that this gives them a larger platform for their future performances.

Evie Clair – Given the circumstances of her father’s passing, she did everything that she could to make this a wonderful tribute. We think she did a lovely job, and it doesn’t feel right to really speak on it critically.

Preacher Lawson – By and large, we do consider this one of his weaker sets because his comedy, to date, has been about bringing people together. This, in turn, probably will be interpreted as polarizing. We did love it personally, but we can see many people out there feeling confused.

Chase Goehring – At first, we started to think that this slowed-down number was going to be one of his weaker outings of the season; then, he got to the rap interlude and that was probably his best of the entire season. What Chase has in spades is creativity, and he seemingly has that in spades. He’ll have a very nice career after the fact this season.

Darci Lynne – What she did tonight with using both puppets was incredibly impressive, but is it wrong to say that the first part of the routine was a little lackluster? We were really waiting to get to the song tonight, and haven’t felt like that with most of the other acts.

Diavolo – Some of the leaps that were done at the end of this routine tonight were stunning. This act is artistic, dangerous, emotional, and better and better every single time we see it. We do think that Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel are right about the group’s deficiencies given that it probably plays much better in studio than at home, but that shouldn’t matter.

Light Balance – This was really fun! They closed the show tonight, and they did probably did more in this routine than any black-light act that we’ve seen. We saw them do some dance, do a little bit of acrobatics, and find a few different ways to work with the technology than we’ve seen to date. We do hope that they have a future given that there isn’t really anyone quite like them.

Mandy Harvey – It’s a little cynical for us to mock singer contestants most of the season only to say that one of them is a personal favorite, but Mandy is … outstanding. We’ll actually take a different route than Simon Cowell in comparisons and say that she reminds us of James Bay and Joshua Radin, who just so happen to be two of our favorite performers working today.

What did you think about this America’s Got Talent finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts in the comments below! (Photo: NBC.)


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