Outlander season 3 episode 2 ratings slip slightly, still sets another series record

Outlander season 3 episode 2 ratingsWe were hoping that the Outlander season 3 episode 2 ratings were going to do something very rare for cable shows: Rise following the premiere. After all, there were some complications that hurt the Outlander premiere numbers, most notably a number of viewers unable to watch the show live due to Hurricane Irma.

For those who were expecting the show to set another record with Sunday’s “Surrender,” which drew just a sliver over 1.4 million live+same-day viewers on Starz. This is down from the 1.49 million who watched the season 4 premiere “The Battle Joined,” even though there was less of an Irma factor out there causing viewers to miss it. There was, however, some other competition that may have hurt the episode — we wrote before the episode that the Emmys may have been a factor since most people who want to watch an awards show will do so live and DVR / watch On-Demand some of their other favorites. There of course was also NFL programming and a few other things on the air Sunday, but this stuff will be there for the vast majority of the season. Best to not focus on it.

Now that we’ve gotten the “bad” news out of the way, who is ready to actually do a little bit of celebration? Outlander season 3 episode 2 is up by a good 160,000+ live viewers versus the second episode of season 2 (which had 1.24 million). This is also the largest audience for a non-premiere or finale episode ever. The previous record holder was the aforementioned season 2 episode 2, so it’s got that record now by a fairly wide margin.

Is it a bummer that the show lost some live viewers on the premiere? Sure, but given most viewing patterns it was probably wrong to heavily expect that to happen in the first place. The big news is that the show is still doing something that it’s never done before, and given that the Emmys are now over, there is a chance that Outlander season 3 episode 3 could shatter this record on Sunday night. We don’t want to set any specific expectation for it, but we do hope that everyone continues to watch the show live. These numbers may not matter as much to Starz’s bottom line as the total number of subscribers that they receive for the show, but they are valuable as a way of immediately measuring the show’s impact on pop-culture. Also, they matter if we want to see a season 5 renewal on Starz sooner rather than later. Positive ratings can help put a little more good pressure on the executives.

One quick reminder

These ratings do not account for repeat airings on Starz, or a number of multiplatform streams via the app or On-Demand. We’ll hopefully be able to factor some of those numbers into the equation a little bit down the road.

What do you make of the latest Outlander season 3 episode 2 ratings?

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