The Flash season 4 trailer: Candice Patton’s Iris takes center stage

Candice Patton's IrisIn the latest The Flash season 4 trailer, it just so turns out that it is Candice Patton’s Iris West who takes center stage more so than Barry! When you think about where the story left off in the season 3 finale, all of that makes perfect sense. Barry is now gone; he went into the Speed Force in order to save Central City, and for the time being there isn’t all that much in the way of information regarding where he is or how to bring him back.

As a result of this, Iris has told herself one very simple message: Move forward. While she may love Barry and want him back, she is trying to take his advice in the best way that she knows how: Trying to pick up the mission statement of saving Central City. She’ll be stepping into more of a leadership role, working with both Kid Flash and Vibe in order to ensure that most of the problems of the city are taken care of. These two can collaborate in order to help each other train, and help to make up for the loss of the city’s most notable hero.

While we at CarterMatt are going to very much love the tough Iris West in a position of authority, you also cannot deny the fact that there are going to be some moments where you want there to be some vulnerability. We know that for Cisco especially, he’s going to do everything that he can in order to ensure that a little bit more of that shines through. Will he be able to achieve that? Well, it’s something that we’re going to have to wait and see on, but the closing minutes definitely suggest that he and Iris may have been able to bring Barry back from the edge. As for what form he’s in when he does return, that is a good question and one that’s hard to predict. “The Flash Reborn” is the title for the finale, and this in itself suggests that he’s going to be a very different character than who we first saw through the first three seasons of the show.

Oh, and there’s one other mystery about this trailer: How much of a role is Caitlin going to have in the story?

Will this entire season be this strong for Candice Patton’s Iris?

We hope so, especially when it comes to her being involved with the team much of the time and also her continuing to show vulnerability and multiple sides of herself. We’d also love the show to give us a WestAllen wedding at some point this year, just to throw a little more romance into the mix.

What do you think about this latest The Flash season 4 trailer?

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