MasterChef season 8 finale exclusive preview: Jason prepares for ‘symphony of flavor’

MasterChef season 8 episode 14With the MasterChef season 8 finale coming onto Fox Wednesday night, who is ready for the final exclusive sneak peek of the season?

The new video below comes courtesy of Fox, and it features at the center of it Jason preparing for what is going to be the most epic culinary battle of his life. He’s going to be squaring off against the likes of Dino and Eboni for the grand prize, and just one of them is going to be making it through the ranks of this all-important cook-off. You need to be incredibly creative as you prepare your final meal for the judges, just as you also need to show creativity and personality through your food.

We do think there is a good relationship between food and music, which should suit Jason rather well given his choice in profession. Both have a number of technical things that are necessary to making them great, just as the two also each require a degree of presentation, performance, and creativity. If Jason wants to win, he needs to showcase all of these different aspects of himself. He claims that he is ready to hand over a “symphony of flavor” to the judges, and we’re pretty sure he will do that — while also sporting one of the world’s biggest smiles on his face. His enthusiasm is one of the reasons why he made it so far in the first place.

As you may know already, for this finale Jason’s mission is a little more complicated than just going to the kitchen and making tasty dishes for the judges. After all, he’s also got the challenge of having to impress former judge Joe Bastianich, known as one of the harshest critics in the history of the American version of the show. He’s very much picky, and he has zero emotional investment in any of these home cooks since he hasn’t been there. With that, he probably won’t hesitate to offer up a negative critique of someone’s dish if he feels that it’s not up to the standard that he remembers from past seasons of the show.

No matter who wins, victory means a lot — there’s a financial component to it, plus also the opening of all sorts of other opportunities that could come your way. You’ve got potential cookbooks, ways to tour the country, future appearances on the show, and so much more. A lot of your future ultimately just depends on what you choose to do with the platform handed to you. It’s very similar to winning any other talent competition in that regard.

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