Ink Master season 9 episode 15 preview: The tattoo marathon is here!

Unkindness ArtWhen Ink Master season 9 episode 15 airs on Spike Tuesday night, there is going to be one super-challenging order of business: The tattoo marathon. It’s one of the craziest challenges of the entire season of the show, but also one of the best since you’re forcing the contestants to do a lot of work in a short period of time.

What makes this tattoo marathon even crazier is that all of the remaining shops are going to have to not only switch off on various small tattoos over the course of the challenge, but they will have to do designs from some of the other shops. Black Cobra Tattoo, Unkindness Art, Old Town Ink, and Basilica Tattoo will each come up with their own concept, and from there the artists will have to try to either recreate or improve the design for the canvas. Some of these human canvases are getting four different tattoos, which is no joke — also, who wants to get four random tattoos like this? Spike is very lucky to have interested parties in this sort of thing.

Of the remaining artists, a team will be declared safe following the tattoo marathon. From there, we’ll get a chance to see what the next challenge is. This is a fairly similar format to what we saw recently on the show, where there were a number of different elimination challenges as opposed to a flash challenge leading things off.

As for who we think is the best of the remaining shops this season, Old Town Ink has been our favorite for the longest time thanks to their creativity and ingenuity. Yet, we do think TJ Tambe is far and away the alpha of that team. Both Black Cobra and Basilica are set up better in that they have a little bit more balance. They also have the experience that comes along with being around this late in the competition. Christian Buckingham and Matt O’Baugh have both been to the finale before, so if anyone really should be prepared to take on any challenge that is thrown at them, it’s probably them.

Is it going to be hard to watch this Ink Master episode without Cleen Rock One? Probably, given that he’s such a force and has also become a really big part of the franchise at this point. Yet, we’ve got a feeling that in due time (think in terms of the upcoming season 9 finale) there are going to be some more opportunities to hear what he has to say both about his controversial elimination and then also the remainder of the season as a whole. Even if we don’t love all of the format and the rules, we have still very much enjoyed watching this season and covering it.

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