Once Upon a Time season 7 spoilers: See Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine (photo)

Lady TremaineAre you ready for some more great stuff on Once Upon a Time season 7? If so, we present you Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine … or at least the version of the character you are going to see within the show’s present-day setting of Hyperion Heights. In this photo above, you see her having some sort of heated discussion with Roni (Lana Parrilla), the new “cursed” version of Regina Mills.

So what do we know about Lady Tremaine at the moment? Well, there are a few details that are out there. For one, we know that she is the show’s new version of the Wicked Stepmother of Cinderella fame, and with Anwar on board as a series regular this is clearly someone you’re going to be seeing a good bit of moving into the future. She is one of the most purely-evil characters we’ve seen on the series to date. While we do think that you’re going to be seeing in time more sides to her — that is often the case with many different characters within the Once Upon a Time universe — but in the early going, she is going to be pretty darn wicked and not show a whole lot of other sides to herself.

Is it possible that Lady Tremaine is the person responsible for starting the new curse, one that is basically turning Hyperion Heights into the season 1 version of Storybrooke? You have to think that at the moment given that she is one of the more notable villains and candidates out there. However, the big issue with her as a candidate right now is that we don’t know her motivation … unless it is tied to Cinderella. We could see this as maybe her way of stopping Cinderella from getting her happy ending, much in the way that Regina did with Snow White at the start of the first season. We know that the plan for season 7 is for it to have echoes of the first go-around of Once Upon a Time on the air, while also doing a few things that allow it to be different.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gabrielle Anwar, you can go check out Burn Notice to get a good sense of her character. You’ve still got a little bit of time in order to do so, given that the premiere of the new Once Upon a Time season is not going to be coming up until early next month. The show is airing on Friday nights, so both the timeslot and the story are new in their own way.

What do you want to see of Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts and hopes on that subject right now in the comments! Meanwhile, if you head over to the link here, you can get some details on another character entering the show this coming season: Dania Ramirez’s version of Cinderella. (Photo: ABC.)

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