Bull season 2 episode 3 spoilers: Bull versus a fraternity

Bull season 2 episode 3Going into Bull (or, in this case, Bull season 2 episode 3), one of the largest challenges is clear: Trying to find a way to mix things up. The producers/writers are likely cognizant at this point that there are only so many times that viewers can watch the same thing before starting to feel a little more complacent in doing so. You have to be creative, and you have to find new challenges.

On this particular episode entitled “A Business of Favors,” you’re going to see what happens when Bull can’t actually get access to some of the important people attached to a case. They all band together, and it probably makes matters worse that they are aggressive college kids in an environment that can be almost cult-like. If they close ranks enough, they likely know that there isn’t that much that can be done to stop them. Take a look at the synopsis below for a few more details regarding what’s ahead:

“The DA’s office asks Bull to assist them in their prosecution of a fraternity when a pledge accidentally drowns during a hazing incident, but his efforts may be derailed when the students close ranks to stonewall him, on BULL, Tuesday, Oct. 10 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.”

Is there going to be a way for Bull to find some cracks in the midst of the craziness? It’s possible, but one of the things that he really should focus on here is just finding the one weak link in the plan who will be vulnerable and scared of what could happen to him. If he can do that, there is a reasonably good chance that what could unfold as a result of that is a snowball effect. He gets more news on some of the other students, and this in turn could lead to his job starting to get a little bit easier.

Do we want there to be some struggles for Bull? Absolutely, given that the show isn’t exciting if he is able to figure out and resolve the case without too much difficulty. Yet, with a case like this especially one of the things that you do absolutely want to see is an ending that equates to a measure of justice. This is an aspirational show in the end, and we don’t think that the writers really want to concoct too many depressing endings … especially if they revolve the death of someone and there being no way to tie that case together.

In general, though, one of the things that we’ve said in the past about this episode, and this season, remains true: We want to see a version of Bull that is more vulnerable than ever.

What do you want to see on Bull season 2 episode 3?

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