Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Idle chatter; little campaigning (day 90, morning)

Big Brother 19Big Brother 19 fans, we’re almost here — the end of the season is just over two days away!

What could be coming between now and Wednesday? We certainly hope that it’s more than what we saw in the house on Sunday. Christmas, Josh, and Paul are all seemingly great friends, and they’re planning post-show trips and even a barbecue next weekend hosted by Paul and his family. There’s no real drama with this group, and there is shockingly little in the way of campaigning. The plan for now seems to be Paul taking Josh to the end and Josh probably taking Paul — he hasn’t spoken that much about taking Christmas and seems to be thinking more that people may be bitter against Paul.

Unfortunately, Christmas isn’t exactly doing a whole lot to fight for her life in this game. We don’t know if she’s just too smitten with Paul or at peace with third place, but she doesn’t quite seem all that invested in trying to win at this point. It’s odd for someone so competitive in parts of her life to not have that killer instinct, but here we are.

It seemed last night that the Diary Room may have gotten Christmas’ head in the game a little more … but not too much more. The “main event” on the feeds last night was the final three answering questions for the After Dark crew, talking about their challenges this season, how difficult it was to use the bathroom showers, and how many people Paul still speaks to from his season. (There was some pretty good shade in here thrown in the direction of James and Natalie — or at least we think that it was shade.)

Maybe we’ll see things get a little more competitive today — the final part of the Head of Household Competition between Josh and Paul will take place during the finale, and at that point, we’ll get a chance to learn exactly who has the edge getting in front of the jury. It would be ironic in the event that Paul wins the final HoH and loses the game for the second straight season, but it’s possible with this jury. The irony here is that Matt and Raven, who are so irritating to much of the jury, could end up costing Paul jury votes. (Even executive producer Allison Grodner noted to us in our weekly interview that Maven may be driving everyone up the wall in the jury house.)

Do you have any expectations for anything interesting to be coming up in the Big Brother 19 house today? Be sure to share in the attached comments, and stay tuned for more. (Photo: CBS.)

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