Midnight, Texas season 2 renewal odds, premiere date speculation

Midnight, Texas season 2 renewalFollowing tonight’s finale on NBC, what are the Midnight, Texas season 2 renewal odds? This is a good question, but unfortunately, also one we don’t quite know the answer to officially.

However, we do think that the series’ fans have done a good job when it comes to giving the network some pause over whether or not they should bring the show back. When NBC first made the decision to order new Midnight, Texas episodes for the summer, our first thought on that subject was that the show was going to just be relegated to getting low ratings before being sent out the door. It’s done a much better job than that. To date, we’ve seen it average around a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic — while it’s coming off of its lowest-rated outing of the season this past week, this move made a little bit of sense when you consider for a moment that it aired an episode on Wednesday night, which is different from its typical timeslot, without all that much in the way of a lead-in.

While NBC contemplates over this decision, much of this could just come down to whether or not NBC wants this sort of genre programming on its summer schedule. We do think there is potential to tell so much more in the way of stories about this town and its inhabitants, but this is all going to come down to what NBC wants to do in terms of its programming. The fans would be there; they wouldn’t necessarily draw record-breaking numbers, but we do think that there is a way to get way more people on board. One of the main reasons that there isn’t a larger audience for this show at the moment may just be that there are some viewers wary of getting invested in an end product that may not be around for all that long. It’s a scary proposition to get overly invested in a show when there is a good chance that it’s going to be off the air soon, and NBC, like many other networks, has an uneven track record when it comes to saving genre properties. We will say that they are better than most because of giving Chuck five seasons and allowing Timeless a chance to have a second life.

When could the Midnight, Texas season 2 premiere date be?

Think along the likes of late July once more. This is a time that worked rather well for the show the first time around, so we don’t foresee there being any real reason to change it now.

Do you think that we’re going to see a Midnight, Texas season 2 renewal happen at NBC? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on the matter below!

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