Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 review: Water works

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 reviewOn Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11, much of the story was really centered on one subject above all else: Water. If you recall from the past episode of the show, Madison made quite the deal in order to ensure that Victor Strand was a free man. Unfortunately, in the process we saw that they were getting stripped of the water they so badly needed.

For most of this episode, what we ended up seeing for the most part was a journey to Strand’s old stomping grounds in the dam, where he, Walker, and Madison did their best in order to get a new deal and a future. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go nearly as well as they would have hoped. For one, they found that the dam was not anywhere near as receptive to their suggestions … even though the dam clearly has some major problems, including that they are constantly the target of some attacks of their own. Was there some division in the ranks? Certainly so, with none other than Daniel Salazar leading the way. What we really learned about him through this episode was that he was not necessarily all that receptive to the way that certain things were being done. With that, he went rogue! He’s clearly a man who understands that nothing at the dam has to be black and white, and he’s plotting to overtake the place in some shape or form.

What this episode succeeded at even more than driving the story of the dam. Take, for example, Madison and Strand, who seem to be making the most of their time together. However, in the process we also saw her enraging Walker to the point where he threatened to force everyone out at the ranch. Walker in many ways refused to see any gray, which is one of the problems with doing business with a man like him.

Crazy zombie moment of the week

The exploding tanker plus seeing zombies on fire. What’s better than seeing zombies on fire? This was entertaining to say the least, and one of the best thing that the show gave us.

In the end, though, Madison actually did get what she wanted, and Daniel didn’t really have to go too rogue in the end to make it happen. She got a deal in order to get the ranch some water, and help out the dam in its own way. Now, everyone has a chance to move forward, and maybe Walker will get over some of his anger given that the group is getting exactly what they want in the end.

Overall Take

Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 11 is one of the best for the series, is for no other reason than that it focused in on just a few characters, revisited an old location, and established more of the interesting connection that is there between Madison and Strand. Are they meant to become something more? We’re interested in seeing, but we also have to say that we actually enjoyed this episode more than most this season — even if we didn’t see much of the ranch itself, it wasn’t really needed.

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