The Orville episode 3 spoilers: ‘About a Girl’; the time-period debut

Orville episode 3Going into The Orville episode 3, is it possible that the show can keep some of its present momentum going strong? It’s a good question, but there is a reason for some apprehension. After all, remember that the ratings for the first episode were inflated in part by NFL programming, and we feel like the second episode is likely going to experience a similar sort of phenomenon when the ratings officially come out).

The third episode of the show on Fox is going to be airing on Thursday night for the first time (which means that the stakes are significantly more raised in terms of the show delivering its own audience), and if you do want to score some additional news regarding what is going to be a part of it, our suggestion is to take a look below!

The Orville episode 3 synopsis – “The Orville crew is divided between cultures when Bortus and Klyden debate if their newly born offspring should receive a controversial surgery.”

What makes this entire story a little more interesting is that this could be The Orville playing up its earnestness a little bit more than it has at any other point over the course of the show’s run. We’re okay with that, just because we like that Seth MacFarlane, in addition to making good on botched Reddit AMAs, has this ability to stretch himself beyond just the silly and stupid. We do still contend that had this show been promoted more like the journey through science fiction it truly is (think in terms of Star Trek) rather than the next Galaxy Quest, it would have even more affection in the fandom.

One other thing that’s interesting about the scheduling of the entire season as a whole is just that there are going to be three episodes out there before Star Trek: Discovery premieres on CBS. On some level, we do wonder if this is Fox deciding that they want to get a strong foothold on this show’s audience before Star Trek premieres, that way it ensures that it has some stable ground to walk on in the weeks to come and its audience doesn’t just all jump ship.

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Meanwhile, click here to get a little more news in regards to the show’s overall ratings. (Photo: Fox.)

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