Is Big Brother 19 new tonight on CBS? What lies ahead

Big Brother 19 newIs Big Brother 19 new tonight on CBS? It’s pretty fair to wonder the answer to that question, mostly judging on everything that we’ve had a chance to see so far when it comes to this show. Typically, it airs on Sunday night for the vast majority of the summer, and we technically haven’t made it to the end of the season just yet.

Unfortunately, the CBS show is coming up against a rather unfortunate preemption tonight, and there is a very specific reason for that: The Primetime Emmys. Because of that show coming on the network this year, there was already a change to the network scheduling. There was an episode of Big Brother 19 that aired on Friday night at a special time, and this was the annual episode where the houseguests have their celebratory final three party and go through some of the footage — it was the “story of the season” episode were you are typically offered on Sundays.

Now, there is no new episode from now until the show’s final ends on Wednesday, which we understand is a rather long layoff given that there’s typically at least an episode or two within that time. The one response that we have for you on that subject is rather simple: Do you really need for there to be another episode between now and then when you consider how many people there are in the house? There are only three players remaining in Paul, Christmas, and Josh, and while we don’t want to get into spoiling the live feeds all that much within this article, let’s just say that they’re not lighting the feeds on fire when it comes to entertainment. You’re not missing all that much by not having a show between now and when the finale is on the air.

One other thing that we can be excitement about is a two-hour finale on Wednesday as opposed to the 90-minute ones that we’ve had as of late. In between the jury house, speaking to the pre-jury boots, and everything else that the show has to wrap up for the summer, it does feel like there is still a lot of exciting story to tell.

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Just in case you find yourself with a hankering for the latest from the live feeds, head over here to see who won the second part of the final HoH Competition right now! (Photo: CBS.)

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