Power season 5 debate: Should Ghost and Angela get back together?

Ghost and AngelaMrs. Carter: Could one of the most powerful pairings out there on Power rise again during season 5?

Even though it may be a rather long time still until Power season 5 comes on the air, we don’t necessarily think that it is too early to start some discussions about some of the various characters appearing on it. This of course includes Ghost and Angela, given that they really are one of the fundamental pairings at the heart of the show.

Beyond Ghost’s double life, one of the things that was appealing to most people from the jump with this show was that there was this intense, passionate romance at the center of it. It was far from ethical, but this is not really a show about ethics. (It mostly made us feel sorry for Tasha, but it did drive a ton of the story, especially during some of the earlier seasons of the show.)

The question that we wonder now going into season 5 is if we are primed perfectly to see a whole lot of that passion come back — or at least some prevailing emotion that drives the two parties closer to each other once more. One of the reasons to wonder this stems from what happened at the end of season 4 with the death of Raina St. Patrick. In the aftermath of this tragedy, Angela was able to see Jamie in more of a sympathetic light. While it didn’t wash away some of his murderous actions or shady business dealings, he was still a father who loved his daughter. His heart was broken, and her heart broke for him. The last thing that anyone wants to see is a parent have to lose a child. We could see her looking more towards him and wanting to check up on him in the aftermath of what transpired — which, in turn, could also lead to some of the old feelings that were there for him surfacing again.

In turn, could Angela being around more cause Ghost to get some of his old feelings back? Even if she arrested him for the murder of Greg, we shockingly don’t think that he would hold this against her forever. Instead, we foresee this more as something that he respects from her because she fights so hard for what is right. Now that she is head of Criminal, we could see him getting closer to her for both personal and professional reasons. It could help to get him out of a bind if he somehow finds himself in one, and at the same time, it could also be a chance for him to explore more of what are probably still some latent feelings in his head.

Even if Ghost and Angela were separate from each other for most of season 4, especially in a romantic sense, it feels foolish to ever rule these two characters out completely. Odds are that there is going to be much more in the way of storytelling geared around them over the course of season 5.

Do you want to see Ghost and Angela becoming more of an item again in Power season 5? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on that subject in the comments! (Photo: Starz.)

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