Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spoilers: Are Ben and Bailey doomed?

Ben and BaileyIs the future for Ben and Bailey on Grey’s Anatomy an exciting one, or do we view this relationship as one that is doomed to fail?

Let’s start by saying this: It’s pretty darn clear at this point in the show’s run that the two parties do in fact care about each other. They’ve got a deep history together, they understand how one another ticks, and we do think that they ultimately do make each other much better and stronger people than they are alone. Yet, at the same time love isn’t always enough, and there’s an even greater chance for relationship instability when you think about how Ben is now going over to the aforementioned Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spin-off show, which will be premiering in the new year. It is possible that the relationship between the two can persevere and keep going strong, but in doing so they may make it more challenging on the two productions in order to make all of the various crossovers happening. We hate to say it, but doing a clean break up for the two may be a little bit easier of a solution, just because they could then work less within the confines of the other show and do more of their own thing.

For the time being, it definitely seems (luckily) as though all cards are on the table still. In speaking about the possible future for Ben and Bailey to TVLine while at an Emmy event this weekend, Jason George noted that there will definitely be crossovers between Grey’s and the spinoff show… I think kind of along the lines of what happened with Private Practice and Grey’s … [I hope that] Bailey can come home and fall into bed, and there’s Ben, and they can talk about their day. Or Ben comes home from fighting fires all day and falls into bed, and there’s Bailey.”

We would personally hope that the crossovers between this show and Grey’s Anatomy are even more regular occurrences, just because these two shows are located in the same city. We don’t think that they’ll be constant or even as frequent as they are in the One Chicago universe (an abundance of these can make things difficult for viewers who only check out one of the shows), but we do think that you’re going to see your fair share of them in due time. We’re rooting for Ben and Bailey, so fingers crossed that the two are able to work things out.

Do you think that Ben and Bailey are going to have a future on Grey’s Anatomy and the firefighter spin-off? Be sure to share now in the comments! (Photo: ABC.)

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