Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Christmas’ eye problem; final HoH (part 2) begins

Christmas' eyeWhen is part 2 of the final HoH happening in the Big Brother 19 house? As of this writing, it does appear as though it’s about to get started between Josh and Christmas in the backyard.

With that being said, there is another issue going on within the game: The status of Christmas Abbott’s eye. Earlier today she started complaining about some pain, and following that she requested for someone to come in and look at it. At this point and with her luck this season, it wouldn’t shock us if she went full pirate and had both one leg and an eye patch on during the next competition — it also wouldn’t shock us if she still won it versus Josh. He only seems to be good in certain competitions and struggles in some of the others.

While we didn’t get much of a coherent update when it comes to Christmas’ eye before the feeds went down, we have to assume that she’s okay given that otherwise, there wouldn’t be any reason to play this right now.

In mapping out scenarios, both parties probably do need to win this in order to have a little more security. If Josh wins, he basically ensures that he’s in the final two since Paul is planning to take him. The stakes are, therefore, a little higher for Christmas to win it since otherwise, she’s relying on Josh winning final HoH and opting to take her — which he may not do, judging on a talk he had recently with feedsters. Christmas needs to win here to effectively stay alive … not that it really matters all that much given that she doesn’t have especially high odds of winning even if she makes it to the end of the game. We don’t really think she’s got great bonds with most of the jury.

Typically there’s a skill and a memory component to the second part of the final HoH, so on that basis Josh may have a slight edge just because he’s more mobile. We should have full results later tonight.

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