Victoria season 2 episode 4 video: The Queen’s new gift

Victoria season 2 episode 4Moving into Victoria season 2 episode 4, it may be fair to say that the Queen is in grieving for many different reasons. At the center of them, though, is the departure of her beloved dog Dash. She loved her little dog, and the idea of not having this companion in her life anymore is going to be rather devastating.

Luckily, it does appear as though there is someone out there ready and willing to lend a helping hand! In the new video sneak peek below from this upcoming episode (airing on Sunday), you can see none other than Diana Rigg’s Duchess of Buccleuch offer up the Queen a delightfully-cute new gift: A new puppy! It’s a new companion to have around the palace, and maybe a way to ease some of the grieving with Dash gone. This little pup has a great personality, but as the Duchess is soon to note, lacks something that Dash had: Proper house-training. Mere moments after she says that, Victoria makes quite a discovery in the form of a little puddle on the bed.

Granted, the whole “new dog pees on stuff” joke has been done about a million or so times before, but there is something rather fun about it in this context. Much of that may just be due to the fact that you’ve got characters here having a good laugh who are typically so uptight and royal. Another component to it may just be the fact that these are not characters who are used to having this sort of thing happen to them! Usually when a dog is delivered to a Monarch, we like to think that they’ve already got the proper training and are just prepared to enter the home and be loyal to the owner without problem.

Hopefully, the dog makes Victoria smile and that is really all that you can hope for. Beyond this, we know that she does also have a wide array of other issues on her mind, with one of the biggest ones being her doing everything that she can in order to cope with what’s happening with Lord Melbourne. There were basically two tragedies rolled into one at the end of this past episode, after all, and she’ll continue to have to deal with those moving into the future.

What do you want to see on Victoria season 2 episode 4?

Do you think it’s good to have a little comic relief in the midst of what happened to Victoria recently? Share in the comments, and head over here to preview more the next new episode of the series. (Photo: ITV.)

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