Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final two contemplation (day 87)

final twoEarly this morning we presented the winner of the first part of the final Head of Household Competition (Paul), but we just realized that we haven’t done much in the way of an actual update on the Big Brother live feeds themselves.

Well, here is your update … goodbye. Kidding! There hasn’t been much going on unless you want to hear about Paul, Christmas, and Josh screaming and goofing off with each other, or about Josh continuing to form his new final two alliance with Orwell the After Dark owl. Strategically, there’s not a lot going on … though seeing Christmas around Paul tonight is another tonight of how strange their relationship is. (Sure, we knew about her feelings for him before the episode, but they really shined a light on that in a way that we haven’t seen on the show this season.)

Anyhow, strategically one of the big highlights from today was seeing Josh talk to the cameras about how torn he was over who he wanted to go to the final two with. He felt like if he were to vote out Paul as the final Head of Household, he would then be able to tell the jury that he had done the same thing that Steve did back during season 17 of the show: Take out the huge target at the end of the game (Vanessa). Yet, he also feels as though he could beat Paul, who is not altogether popular with everyone on the jury.

We understand where Josh is coming from given that there are some people who strongly dislike Paul; yet, we do wish that we could shake him and remind him of one thing more so than anything else: This is a jury who thinks that Paul led all of the lambs to the slaughter. If he doesn’t vote Paul out, the perception here is going to be that Paul influenced him to take him to the end and that probably causes him to lose some respect. If he gets rid of Paul, however, they may view him as someone actually playing the game. We don’t foresee Christmas winning under almost any circumstance at this point, but if Josh takes her, he has a much better shot of winning the game.

Technically, Josh for sure isn’t even playing in the final part of this HoH competition just yet, as he and Christmas are facing off in part 2. Here’s what we do wonder, though: What if she can’t do the competition physically and Josh just wins by default? Given how many thrown competitions we’ve seen so far this season it would absolutely be ironic if this were to be how things shook down at the very end.

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