Gotham season 4 premiere wishlist: The new Bruce, Gordon’s struggles, and more

Gotham season 4 premiereThe Gotham season 4 premiere is coming onto Fox in just under six days as of this writing; what can we expect? What will make this season of the show different? At the top of the list seems to just be something that should help this show have more of its comic-book street cred: Batman, or something close to it.

We don’t necessarily want to see Bruce Wayne utter that word during the fourth season, but he should now be on his way! By the end of the premiere episode we’d like to see more of him as a vigilante, and fighting in order to ensure that he is able to maintain a little more order and stability in the city. We want to see him have a victory that sends him more on the road to being the Dark Knight … but also some stumbling blocks. Let’s face it — this is the sort of show where nothing comes easy, and nothing really should come all that easy to Bruce since you want the journey to be a good part of what makes the story great.

Beyond Bruce Wayne, here are a couple of our other individual expectations for the premiere and beyond.

1. Give us a chance to see Gordon on the rise – After the Alice Tetch virus and everything terrible that happened there, we do want to see the poor guy get the wind under his sails and gain a little bit more confidence. Work on becoming more of the Commissioner Gordon we know and love.

2. The Iceberg Lounge – Make the introduction of the Penguin’s new lair a worthy celebration, but also a great excuse for some head-butting, fighting, and other crazy drama that we’ve come to expect from this show. Would a bunch of bad guys attend his celebration of the lounge without causing some problems?

3. Selina Kyle’s training – Just as Bruce is on his way to becoming Batman, we would also like to see how Selina is faring on her way to becoming Catwoman. Fingers crossed that she finds a way to be as compelling and spry as she is in the comics … but we don’t expect her to be there yet.

4. A scary Scarecrow – If we get to see him in the premiere, we do hope the writers don’t hold anything back. After all, this is the sort of guy who should strike fear in the hearts of viewers! He’s not an adversary known for being morally conflicted; he should be terrifying just as Jerome is psychopathic.

5. Don’t forget about the other characters – We’d like to see some nice moments for Alfred and Harvey in the early going this season. We don’t know what their long-term stories are going to be this season just yet, but for Alfred we’re sure that it will probably have to do with the aftermath of what happened with Bruce in the season 3 finale. (We have an interview here at CarterMatt coming with David Mazouz on that subject!)

What do you want to see personally on the Gotham season 4 premiere? Let us know some of your hopes and expectations now in the comments!

Meanwhile, be sure to visit the link here to get some analysis of some other photos from the premiere episode of the show. (Photo: Fox.)

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