Blue Bloods season 8: Could Frank Reagan, Mayor Margaret Dutton be together?

Blue Bloods season 8

One of the new characters we are set to the meet over the course of the premiere episode (airing in just two weeks!) is the new Mayor of New York City, played by Lorraine Bracco of Rizzoli & Isles fame. She’s a smart, well-connected woman who is going to do something very similar to what Mayor Poole (David Ramsey) did over the years: Clash repeatedly with Frank and the NYPD. She could threaten his job, he could try to stand by some of his morals, and in the end we mostly anticipate that this is all going to end up being one heck of a mess and a hard situation for everyone to untangle when the dust settles.

Now, we go back to the question at the heart of this article: Could Mayor Dutton be someday a Frank love interest? While it seems far-fetched and completely unethical, we wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. While we don’t think she was brought on for the purpose of being a romantic partner for Frank, think about things this way: This is someone who loves to play things by the book and almost entirely by the letter of the law. There is, therefore, something inherently interesting that would come with seeing him end up with someone that it presents a huge conflict of interest for him to be with. He’d have to wrestle with his heart and his brain, and this is not a position Frank is used to. He’s more set in his ways, but so is probably Dutton.

As for whether or not Margaret Dutton is sinle, her fingers are placed in such a way that it’s hard to really tell for sure! We wouldn’t want to see any sort of sordid affair, but it could be interesting see them try to navigate the politics of this while at the same time Jamie and Eddie find themselves in a similar bind down the food chain at the NYPD.

For Frank, we do know that we don’t necessarily want to see him end the season alone. We understand that he has a lot of respect for his life wife, but he does also deserve the opportunity to love again and be happy. It would certainly be interesting to see, as the series goes on, whether or not he is able to turn that opportunity into a reality. At least here you have two powerful, intelligent characters who won’t play second fiddle to each other. This could be fascinating, mostly because neither party would settle for anything other than the best out of each other. Of course, it’s also a relationship that could cause problems in both of their careers.

Do you think that Frank should date Mayor Margaret Dutton on Blue Bloods season 8? Be sure to share some of your thoughts on that subject now in the comments! 

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