Big Brother 19 episode 38 review: Paulmas, Kevin’s children, and a lotta nothing

PaulmasTonight’s Big Brother 19 episode 19 review was not the most exciting episode of the season … unless of course you’re a Paulmas fan. Maybe then you liked it.

For the first time this season, the CBS show has highlighted some of what is one of the more interesting relationships of the season, and it helps to explain in part why Christmas is so loyal to him. We’re not sure if it’s accurate to say that she’s in love with the guy, but she does have really strong feelings for him and doesn’t know what to do about them. Paul says he has a girlfriend back home, so her feelings aren’t entirely reciprocated. We haven’t found Christmas the most engaging or likable person on the season, but there was something sad about seeing her talk about her feelings alone one night to the camera, just because she felt like she needed to get them out into the universe. (Too bad for her that they are now out there for millions of people to see — she probably didn’t think that would make the show.)

As for some other “highlights” from the evening…

Great Kevin stuff – We saw his fight with Alex and Raven in the backyard, which is a good one that we didn’t see enough of in terms of drama. In general, we do wish that Alex’s dark antics were exposed more on the show than they were. His conversation with Jason about his children, losing everything, and then starting over was especially heartwrenching.

Segments you already saw – The Mark vs. Josh fight mostly makes us sad, and we’re not sure we needed to recycle the Den of Temptation again. It was probably hard to find some moments of great conflict beyond just all of the Paul worship that we’ve seen go on this summer.

The Diary Room segment – Hey, we had to wait until the end of the show in order to get to the good stuff, including Kevin saying that he doesn’t want to talk about Matt, Jessica hating on Paul, Mark sobbing almost out of nowhere, more Cameron than we saw in the entire season of the show to date, and a lot of people crying, often for very little reason. (Hey, the house does that to people — including Jason in his Xtremetard from earlier this season.)

Also, Josh saying “I’m not a robot” may be the most true statement ever.


Big Brother 19 episode 38 was useless. Yet, we’ve probably seen worse clip shows over the season. At least this had a couple of good segments, even if you had to sift through a ton of garbage in order to get to them.

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